WWE News: WWE Reportedly Lied About ‘WrestleMania 32’ Attendance Record

WrestleMania 32, no matter what you think about the show quality wise, was a financial success. WWE put it all out there to make sure they broke their attendance record. The truth is, their actual attendance record is much lower than their inflated one from WrestleMania 3. Regardless, AT&T Stadium had the capacity to not only break their inflated record, but shatter it. The Rock was given the wonderful task to come out and tell the WWE fans about the record.

He claimed that the company had over 100,000 people, which clearly broke the slightly over 93,000 record from years ago. Sadly though, this is not the truth, and should be cited as not being such. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE lied about having over 100,000 people in attendance. They really had a little over 94,000 people. So, they sort of rounded it up to a random number over 100,000, basically.

Despite this, WWE did break their record as they planned to. This is good for WWE, but still a bit moronic on their end to lie about the actual figure when they could still be happy that they broke the other one, regardless of it being inflated.

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One figure that they did not lie about regarding WrestleMania 32 was the gross ticket sales. They made a little over $17 million at the gate. This makes it the largest grossing live event in company history. That alone is a major thing for WWE, as the event brought in so much that they could easily tout the success of the company. Heck, TNA hasn’t made that much in months, and WWE made it in a night.

This did does not even include the WWE Network numbers. Some people who did the free month of the WWE Network may very well stick around. Some have expressed their displeasure in the event and are planning to unsubscribe, so there is an issue there. However, the network does at least have original programming and WWE NXT. Therefore, unsubscribing isn’t always needed at the end of the day.

WrestleMania 32 was not well liked, according to most experts and analysts. On top of that, your everyday fan was not pleased with the show, either. To be fair to WWE, there were several people who loved the event and didn’t have a problem with anything. However, there were more who hated the show than loved it. WWE gave us a pretty good opening, with every face going over it seems. Then the company shocked us all by having Zack Ryder win the WWE Intercontinental Championship in the big ladder match.

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However, they had The Undertaker win over Shane McMahon. This was something people were 50/50 on, really, as we didn’t want to see Undertaker go. However, we didn’t want to see the same old thing on WWE RAW weekly, so we wanted to see Shane win, too. Sadly, in the loss for Shane, it made us realize we may get the same old thing that we have been all year long. This, despite the lower ratings that has proven to WWE that what they are doing is not working.

On top of this, they pretty much buried The Wyatt Family by having them go down to The Rock and John Cena in a segment late into the show. While some say that being with The Rock at all at WrestleMania is not a burial, it is when you get zero offense in and allow him to make fun of you and do all his signature stuff to you while you do nothing. Then they had Charlotte go over in the Women’s Championship match when fans had been putting over Sasha Banks all year!

This doesn’t even include the main event, where Roman Reigns won the WWE World Title to a sea of boos. Sure, WrestleMania 32 was a great success for WWE on the books. However, it may go down as one of the worst WrestleManias of all time due to how poorly they booked everything all night long. It was a show of three to four moments, which is never good.

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