‘Walking Dead’: Finale Audio Hints Which Character Died

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale was truly one to remember. Jeffrey Dean Morgan filled the shoes of Negan unbelievably well. The sadistic, yet strangely humorous Negan took the life of one of the main members of Rick Grimes’ group. Audio from the final moments of the finale reveals a small clue as to who took a lethal beating from “Lucille.”

The cliffhanger The Walking Dead left was probably unbearable for fans to deal with. The camera turned to first person view as Negan batted the mystery person’s brains in. The debate on who Negan killed will go on for months, until the rumors are silenced when Season 7 airs.

There is one thing viewers know for sure. Negan did not kill Rick or his son, Carl Grimes. Before Negan gets his swinging on, he left a small hint. Negan eliminated television’s favorite father and son from hitting the jackpot by saying the following.

“Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father.”

The writers chose Negan’s words wisely. They saved fans a boatload of anxiety worrying if Rick or Carl was killed. The more popular options fans are speculating Negan killed are Glenn Rhee, Abraham Ford, and Daryl Dixon.

Fans were teased all season long by the show floating around the idea of Glenn’s possible death. In The Walking Dead, there is no such thing as escaping a potential major death scene and not paying for it later. It is apparent that there was timer on Glenn’s life. After all, a character that has been on the show since Season 1 deserves to die in some sort of epic way.

Daryl also managed to get a “fake death,” leaving fans to believe that he could be the one to suffer Negan’s wrath. Daryl has no connection to the graphic novel and could really die at any point in time on the show. There is no outline to follow when it comes to one of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead, which can make life fairly dangerous for Daryl.

Abraham’s life wasn’t really in too much danger this season, but he does have something much more dangerous in his life. Abraham has found a new love interest in Sasha Williams, breaking the heart of his former flame, Rosita Espinosa. Love doesn’t have such a good track record of surviving on The Walking Dead. Rick and Jessie Anderson could be the perfect example of that.

Let’s not forget how Abraham seems to be content with meeting his maker. All season long, Abraham has been asking for his death wish by going out of his way to make some pretty bold moves. He also seemed to be the only one in the group that was not too intimidated by Negan and his beloved “Lucille.”

'Walking Dead': Finale Audio Hints Which Character Died
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Each member of our group looked totally in fear in the scene where Negan had them all lined up execution style. Even Rick himself looked scared because he has never been this helpless in the entire timeline of the show.

Abraham is the only one to stand tall and look Negan in the eye as he tries to intimidate each member of the group. He looks Negan directly in the eye and sits upright with his chest puffed out. A bold cowboy attitude has never gotten anyone anything good. Abraham could have just as easily been killed, as well. Negan definitely seem like the kind of guy to like a “wise guy.”

Very few know the answer to who died in the finals minutes of the Season 6 finale. The secret is being kept so airtight that executive producer Greg Nicotero didn’t even tell his own mother who was killed. The interview with Nicotero was released by Kimberly Potts of Yahoo TV.

However, there was one tiny hint left behind that leaves a clue to who may have died. Vanity Fair found audio released by someone on Tumblr that reveals Glenn may have been the one to die. The audio is from the finale moments of the Season 6 finale. As Negan begins to bash the mystery person’s brains in, there are screams heard in the background.

The “someone” on Tumblr was smart enough to slow the audio down to try to figure out what the group was screaming during the infamous scene. Multiple users across YouTube have posted the video, as well. This video was posted by the account TVShow Lovers.


This audio is strangely similar to the exact words used when Glenn died in the graphic novel. He says “Mag-Maggie,” after he is struck with Negan’s bat once. Even Negan’s dialogue in the comic seems to match up with the audio when slowed down. The audio also has a female, likely Maggie Greene, screaming something that sounds like “Glenn.” The other members of the group can also vaguely be heard.

'Walking Dead': Finale Audio Hints Which Character Died
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There is really no major surprise here given the fact that most fans already suspect that Glenn is dead. Then again, The Walking Dead is highly unpredictable. This audio could easily be an exaggeration of the mind.

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