Katie Rost Talks Andrew’s Proposal, Points Out Gizelle Bryant And Robyn Dixon’s Race Comments Wouldn’t Be Acceptable From White Person

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 1 finale episode showed Katie Rost in both a very happy moment and a very contentious one. In her blog post recapping the episode, Katie talked about Andrew Martin’s proposal. She also talked about Gizelle Bryant’s “come to Jesus” lunch, where Gizelle accused her of behaving as if it’s a problem to be black and Robyn Dixon said that she needed some black history education.

Katie called Andrew’s proposal “perfect.” She revealed that she and Andrew had some “rated xxx make out sessions” following the proposal.

“Andrew proposing to me was perfect. It was magic and romance and love and just perfect. The perfect place, perfect proposal, perfect moment in time and I’ll never forget that amazing day. We laughed and cried and the cows at my farm didn’t mind our rated xxx make out sessions which followed the proposal.”

Viewers saw Katie push Andrew for a proposal throughout the season. While she was shown repeatedly questioning Andrew over whether he will ever marry her, Andrew was shown being content with just dating. On the season finale episode, Andrew overcame his hesitation and finally proposed to Katie.

The two went to Katie’s farm. They went to a spot they called the vortex, the farm’s peaceful energy center and where they have discussed building a house. Once at the vortex, Andrew dropped to his knees, took out a diamond solitaire ring in a box, and asked Katie to marry him. She hesitated a little before saying yes. After the actual proposal, Andrew said that a marriage and engagement are two different things, and joked that they should have a 5- to 7-year engagement period.

At the end of the season finale episode, text updates were given on the housewives. Katie’s update teased that Andrew has no plans on for a wedding soon.

“Katie and Andrew’s engagement is going according to his plan. They broke up, got back together, but still haven’t set a wedding date. Andrew’s hoping for June… 2022.”

Are they still together now? It seems that she wants to keep everyone guessing. Katie’s Instagram page doesn’t show any recent photos of her wearing her engagement ring. The last photo that shows Andrew was posted about five weeks ago. The photo shows Andrew rubbing Katie’s feet as they watch the Oscars.

As the proposal scene aired, Katie posted some tweets. She joked that Andrew had to beg.

She admitted that she cried watching the proposal.

She also poked fun at the flowery shirt that Andrew wore for the proposal.

An exclusive clip posted on BravoTV.com shows Katie Rost’s co-star, Karen Huger, taking her engagement ring shopping. Katie tries on a huge cushion cut diamond ring and exclaims that it fits her perfectly. Karen takes photos of Katie as she models that ring and others. In her confessional interview, Karen says that it’s time for Andrew Martin to propose and suggests a way for Katie to get him to do that.

“Personally, cutting off the milk supply is the way I would go. Just saying, cut him off. Sahara desert time.”

On Twitter, Katie thanked Karen for her help.

After Katie got engaged to Andrew, she had a much more tense experience with some of her The Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars. Gizelle Bryant organized a “come to Jesus” lunch, where she wanted all of the women to air out their grievances with one another and then move on. Not surprisingly, the topic of race came up. Robyn Dixon told Katie that she needs a black history lesson, while Gizelle said that Katie acted as if “it was a problem to be black.”

In a previous episode, Robyn, after seeing Andrew grab Ashley Darby’s husband’s butt, asked Gizelle and Ashley, who are both biracial, if that was a “white person thing.” After Ashley said that Robyn is biracial herself, Robyn said that she’s not biracial. Gizelle also maintained that she’s not biracial, but black. Katie suggested that Robyn look into her genealogy because people “straight out of Africa” don’t end up looking like her. Kate also pointed out Gizelle’s European features.

In her blog, Katie pointed out that it was Ashley who said that Robyn and Gizelle are biracial. Katie also said that there would be a uproar if a white person said all of the race comments that Robyn and Gizelle said.

“First, it was Ashley who called Gizelle and Robyn bi-racial, not I. For some reason people keep saying it was me, it wasn’t. But I still took on the fight, because who cares who said it. They kept going there for months with the ‘this is a white thing, that’s a black thing’ comments. I simply responded. If any white person ever dared to say ‘White people don’t do that, why are you acting black or, is that a black thing’ I shutter [sic] to think of the backlash.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Robyn explained that while she has white ancestry, she’s not biracial because she doesn’t have two parents who are of different race.

A preview for next week’s The Real Housewives of Potomac shows Katie Rost and Robyn Dixon arguing heatedly about race. At one point, Robyn even yells for security. It also shows Gizelle Bryant continuing her accusation that Katie “was on something” the time she publicly made out with Andrew Martin at Ashley Darby’s birthday party. When host Andy Cohen points out that Andrew didn’t show up for the reunion and that Katie’s not wearing her engagement ring, Katie breaks down in tears.

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