‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Gets Brutal Revenge On Ben

Days of Our Lives fans are finally going to see Abigail Deveraux-DiMera get her revenge on Ben Weston. After being tormented for weeks about Ben escaping the mental hospital, Abby will finally get her hands on her ex-fiance, and the results won’t be pretty.

According to Soap Hub, Days of Our Lives viewers will have a front-row seat as Abigail finally sees Ben in the flesh and not in her mind. Abby will then seduce Ben after he tells her he wants to be with her. She’ll then lure him into bed with her. This is all part of Abigail’s devious plan, as she’ll then tie Ben up and torture him.

In the new weekly preview, Abigail is seen shackling Ben to a bed and then brutally stabbing him in the chest. It looks like Abby will go a bit crazy, as she then douses Ben in lighter fluid.

“You won’t do it,” he tells her as she lights a match and plans to set her former fiance on fire.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Abigail gets revenge on Ben.
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Days of Our Lives fans will remember that last fall, Ben took a pregnant Abigail hostage and forced her to give birth without a doctor after admitting he was the necktie killer terrifying Salem. However, after Abigail gave birth to her son, Chad barged in to save the day. Unfortunately, Chad and Abigail both ended up tied to the bed as Ben poured gasoline on them, lit a match, and set the bed on fire.

Thankfully, Chad and Abigail were saved, and Abby’s son, Thomas, is now fine. However, with Abigail completely freaking out on Ben at the DiMera mansion and getting her revenge on the man who tried to kill her and steal her son, fans have to wonder if she’s really losing her mind.

Since Abigail has been seeing visions of Ben in her head, it seems that her husband, Chad, and brother JJ are worried for her mental health. Since mental issues run in Abby’s family with her grandmother, Laura, and great-grandmother, Carrie, it is a good bet that Days of Our Lives fans are going to see Abigail enter some sort of treatment to help her with her issues.

If Abigail actually goes through with her revenge plan and kills Ben Weston by setting him on fire, there’s also a chance that she could be arrested for murder, and that could leave her locked in prison or in a mental asylum.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Will Abigail kill Ben?
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Since actress Kate Mansi, who plays Abigail on Days of Our Lives, is leaving the show, fans may also have a period of time where the character is not shown. Since the NBC soap is looking to recast the role and no news of an actress being cast has been revealed, there’s a possibility that there could be a lull in screen time for Abby in the near future, which is upsetting to fans, as Abigail has become a favorite character among viewers.

Meanwhile, there will be a lot of other action to look forward to on Days of Our Lives. It has been revealed that the character of Aiden Jennings will soon be returning. Although it had appeared Aiden was killed at the hands of Bo Brady on the night he tried to murder his new wife, Hope, it looks like actor Daniel Cosgrove will be back this spring as Mr. Jennings.

This storyline should be very interesting, as Hope and her daughter Ciara both have very big and frightening issues with Aiden and his son, Chase. There could be an all-out battle waged between the Brady women and the Jennings men in the very near future. Stay tuned to see all the drama go down.

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