Kevin Bacon Ad Trail: Selling Eggs To Americans And High-Speed Internet To The British

Kevin Bacon’s upcoming movie, The Darkness, shows him fighting a supernatural force that is harassing his family. Collider reports that the movie is about a family that returns home from a vacation, only to find that they have brought a tormenting spirit which is poised to destroy them.

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The horror film promises to keep viewers awake from the fear of supernatural predators lurking in the outdoors. However, in real life, Kevin and his brother, Michael Bacon, have teamed with America’s egg farmers to wake people up to the nutritional value of egg whites and yolks. Egg consumption has dropped dramatically in the USA, and Kevin Bacon and his brother have taken it upon themselves to fuel a spike in egg consumption by promoting the egg as an affordable breakfast food, which is also a rich source of protein.

Adweek reports that the musical duo of the Bacon brothers are featuring in the American Egg Board’s “Incredible, Edible Egg” marketing campaign, and the jingle is being played on television and on the radio.

See the Bacon brothers’ latest offering here.

Statistics show that overall egg consumption in 2015 went up due to an advertisement campaign that featured only Kevin Bacon. The celebrity power of both Kevin and his brother, Michael, is expected to boost egg sales once again this year. The music of the Bacon brothers is thought to be an effective blend of folk, country, rock, and soul music in a blend that will appeal to the American public, and has been designed to promote egg consumption among Americans.

And this is not the first time that the Bacons have performed a jingle. In fact, the duo has performed songs for several commercial numbers, and Michael’s voice can be heard singing on the national jingle for Poland Spring water. The brothers came from an eclectic and creative household, where spontaneous creativity was valued. In fact, the Bacon brothers were known for their various creative pursuits even before Kevin Bacon rose to celebrity status.

Kevin Bacon grew up watching his older brother teaming with various bands to perform songs that he had written. Later, he was motivated by Michael and started writing songs with him before he went on to became an actor and a Hollywood celebrity. Ultimately, Kevin teamed up with his brother to form the group The Bacon Brothers, which gives both of them the opportunity to write and perform their own songs.

They still work together to produce music while also pursuing their individual careers. A musician himself, Kevin Bacon has witnessed the struggle that an artist has to go through. Additionally, he has seen Michael fighting to make a life for himself as a songwriter, a solo artist, and a band member. Recently, V News reported that Kevin tweeted a link to a cover version of a Jackson Five song, which was performed by Lake Street Dive, a band performing in a pub. The gig in the pub made the band so popular that they went to produce their own record. The band is scheduled to perform on stage, and its members credit Kevin for boosting their careers.

It seems that Kevin is a popular choice as a brand ambassador, and that’s why EE, the British telecom service provider, has roped in Kevin to be its brand ambassador to help promote its high speed internet services, according to Campaign Live. In fact, EE is making the most of Kevin’s star power by casting him in more than one role within the same advertisement.

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