Ashton Kutcher On His Less-Than-Perfect Uber Rating And Trying To Explain The Easter Bunny To His 1-Year-Old Daughter

Ashton Kutcher and Jimmy Kimmel compared their Uber ratings, according to Entertainment Weekly. The 38-year-old actor and Kimmel thought it would be a good idea to compare their ratings as well as recall some of their Uber stories.

The fact that such big celebrities as Ashton Kutcher and Kimmel use Uber comes as no surprise, as Uber has become a way of life for many Americans. Kutcher made a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Monday to promote his new Netflix show The Ranch.

It appears that Kimmel is a better Uber client than Ashton Kutcher by just 0.01. While the Butterfly Effect actor scored 4.79, Kimmel had 4.8. But Kutcher recalled one incident to explain his less-than-perfect Uber rating.

According to Ashton Kutcher, the incident took place on the night he and his wife Mila Kunis’ father were drinking vodka. The Jobs actor couldn’t drive home himself and called Uber.

“I don’t know how I got in the house. I don’t know how I got in the car, but apparently I remembered to press the Uber button.”

But Kimmel had an Uber story of his own: the Jimmy Kimmel Live host once took someone else’s Uber to their destination. It raised a question of whether you should tip your driver in cash on top of the app’s payment system. Ashton Kutcher, who is an investor in Uber, explained how it all works.

“Nobody’s saying you can’t give someone a tip. But the idea of the service is you get into a car, you take the ride, you get out of the car, and it’s done.”

Ashton Kutcher then went on to explain that it’s all about Uber drivers’ safety, as sometimes having cash on them is not the safest thing.

“I’m not saying it’s wholly unsafe, but it is a designed experience to not have to tip.”

But Kimmel insisted that he is still going to tip, saying that it might be the reason why his rating is higher than Ashton Kutcher’s.

During his interview with Kimmel, Ashton Kutcher also revealed that he and his wife had a traditional Easter egg hunt for their 1-year-old daughter, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, according to SELF. However, the actor said that the eggs didn’t contain candies, as their daughter is “not quite ready” for candies. Instead, they used Cheerios and raisins.

“She loved the raisins! She was going ape for the raisins.”

Ashton Kutcher also shared with Kimmel that Wyatt was smart enough to figure out which color eggs hid the raisins, so she opened all of them first.

Although both Ashton Kutcher and Kunis love sugar and all, they just don’t want their 1-year-old daughter to get hooked on sweets just yet, the Two and a Half Men actor explained. In fact, he said he and his wife eat sugar “like crazy.”

“I was eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning and she was, like, trying to hijack my Cinnamon Toast Crunch!”

Ashton Kutcher also shared with Kimmel that this year’s Easter raised a pretty challenging parenting decision for him and his wife. In particular, the two can’t decide whether or not it would be a good idea for Wyatt to grow up believing in the Easter bunny.

“We actually were debating whether or not we were going to explain to her that a bunny was laying eggs, because that’s a little confusing for kids.”

Ashton Kutcher went on to explain that it keeps getting more and more confusing for kids, as they begin asking questions such as “What are those and what does that have to do with Jesus coming back from the dead?”

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