Khloe Kardashian With Lamar Odom Out Of Guilt?

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have remained a strong family unit in the wake of Odom’s health issues. That said, now that Odom is making a strong recovery from his wild brothel night that almost left him dead, the former basketball player has allegedly started drinking again.

According to TMZ, Odom has been drinking again, and despite Khloe’s attempts to clean up Lamar’s act, the only reason why she’s sticking by him is out of guilt. Sources told TMZ that Kardashian, who is still technically married to Lamar, now sees that it’s futile to get him into addiction therapy because he keeps on messing up.

Lamar Odom’s life was on the line when he overdosed in October of 2015. Immediately after, Khloe Kardashian postponed their divorce proceedings until Lamar’s condition was clearer. Then, after it was certain that Odom would survive, his health was at the forefront of Khloe’s mind as she helped him recover. That said, sources are now saying that Khloe really wants to get the divorce back on track, but she is staying for now out of guilt.

Sources go on to say that Khloe wants to divorce Lamar, but she feels “a tremendous amount of guilt” for how Odom may choose to react once she is officially out of his life and not at his side for support, which is how she’s been since his overdose.

On the other side of things is Lamar, who, according to sources, doesn’t think he needs rehab. Sources say that Lamar thinks going out for drinks is just a normal part of life. Sources say that Odom insists that by going out with friends for drinks, he’s just trying to get the life he once had before his overdose. That said, the Kardashians think that this is the first step to self-destruction for Lamar.

As the Inquisitr reported, most recently Lamar was out and about with friends on March 26. He and a group of friends partied at an Irish pub called Johnny O’Brien. While Odom’s friends had mixed drinks, sources said that Lamar only had a cognac while he was there. The group stayed for an hour and split.

Although Odom didn’t drink in excess, any type of drinking is bad news, as his kidneys are still in a fragile state from his ordeal.

Khloe, clearly distressed, sent out a series of tweets days after Lamar was spotted at the pub.

Some of her tweets were retweets from Joel Osteen.

It’s said that while Lamar and Khloe are extremely close, it’s their different attitudes about Lamar and how he’s living his life that are driving them apart. According to a source, Odom was quoted as saying that nothing is going to happen to him.

“Look at how I survived this last one,” he reportedly said.

If this quote is true, the fact that he already has a sense of invincibility isn’t good news. A source told People that Lamar “refuses to listen” to Khloe, which makes her increasingly worried about his future.

According to Hollywood Life, Khloe has even enlisted the help of estranged brother-in-law Scott Disick to push Odom to rehab, but that hasn’t helped yet.

It’s said that Khloe has been so distraught over Lamar’s relapse that she cancelled a taping of Kocktails with Khloe due to her disposition.

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