‘Real Housewives Of New York’ Star Ramona Singer Reportedly Wants To Get Back Together With Cheating Ex

Last November, Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer finalized her divorce with cheating husband Mario Singer. Although the divorce papers were signed, that doesn’t mean all hope was lost for Ramona, who reportedly has been trying to reel Mario back in.

An Ok! Magazine source says that Ramona, who is 59-years-old and was married to Mario for 20 years, has been texting Mario and sending him sexy selfies. But Mario apparently has moved on from his former wife and simply deletes Ramona’s texts. Since the divorce, Mario has moved in with Kasey Dexter, his former mistress.

However, despite the sources claims that Ramona isn’t completely over Mario, the Real Housewife star recently showed up to the show’s premiere with a hot young date. At her side for the premiere was male model Justin Estill, reports Page Six, although he was using the name Robert Wayne.

A source said, “Robert Wayne is his artist name… He’s a singer and music manager.”

Ramona Singer [Image Courtesy: Bravo]
Ramona Singer [Image via Bravo]

The source also said that the pair were dating, but when speaking to Ramona directly, she explained, “We are great friends, nothing more. I met him at Beauty & Essex. I was instantly charmed.”

Meanwhile, in a phone conversation with the New York Daily News, Ramona said that everything is going great, including what happens in the bedroom.

“What you can expect from me is a lighter, happier Ramona, and I’m embracing the world in a whole different way,” Ramona said, who will be showing off her new outlook on life in Bravo’s eighth season of the hit show. “All of a sudden I’ve become more understanding of people and circumstances and I’m trying to tell everyone to get along with each other because everyone is fighting with each other.”

Sonja Morgan [Image via Bravo]
Sonja Morgan [Image via Bravo]

Ramona was then asked again about the male model she showed up with at the premiere party. She was also spotted getting cuddly with him at Howl at the Moon bar in Midtown. But she still denied exclusively dating anyone.

“I’m dating,” she said. “No one in particular. I’m embracing life and enjoying myself.”

As for the host of the premiere party, Real Housewives of New York star and Ramona’s bestie, Sonja Morgan, her life is too busy for sex. In a separate phone conversation, Sonja was asked about her dating life and she completely dodged the question.

“I wish I could tell you my love life was a little more exciting right now but since my fashion show last season…”

She then changed the subject to something she’s trying to sell.

Ramona Singer and her party partner Sonja Morgan are now both single. [Image via Bravo]
Ramona Singer and her party partner Sonja Morgan are now both single. [Image via Bravo]

However, she was asked the same question after she finished rambling.

“It doesn’t leave much time for dating,” she said. “I’m at a critical time and I have a three-to-five-year business plan in place, so it’s crunch time.”

Unlike Ramona, who’s embracing dating other people, Sonja said that she doesn’t even have the time for sex.

“No. I wish,” she confessed. “I think those days are gone. I have no time to f **k around with young boyfriends. I’m at the home stretch with [my fashion] businesses.”

But some of the other stars on the show probably wished she would find an outlet for her frustrations since Sonja has repeatedly taken it out on the cast.

“I guess I’ve had arguments with just about everybody this season,” she said. “Right out of the box I was a little cranky.”

Tell us what you think! Is Ramona sending her ex-husband sexy selfies with fingers crossed, or is she over him? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out The Real Housewives of New York when it premieres on April 6. Watch the latest trailer below.


[Image via Bravo]

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