50 Cent Keeps Low Profile When Fight Breaks Out At New York Club Performance

50 Cent was performing at Stage 48 in New York on April 2 when a fight broke out in the crows. The G-Unit rapper was performing among the audience for maximum fan contact and appears to have been isolated from his security.

According to videos circulated online, 50 Cent was performing “Window Shopper” when things got a bit rowdy around him. 50 had just gone down to a lower platform and was struggling to stand and sing. One person grabbed his T-shirt and was immediately pushed away by the rapper who remained calm and composed throughout the whole scene.

You can watch the video of the events below, as posted by @shadychinkz.


50 Cent kept his cool and didn’t get involved in what could have been a pretty violent fight, considering how many people were in attendance in what looks like a fairly small space.

Someone leaned over the balcony 50 Cent had just gotten down from to try and grab his shoulders. The rapper kept on singing and maintained his composure – he’s definitely seen worse! 50 Cent then addressed the crowd.

Some fans commented on Twitter that 50 Cent looked drunk:

No one was injured and 50 is now being praised for keeping his calm and not getting involved in the incident. It could have been a lot worse, drunk people, high profile singers and a small crowded place usually don’t mix!

50 Cent’s doing well to keep his cool and stay away from the heat of nightclub fights as he’s filled enough headlines in his career. Recently seen partying in the same club as his former G-Unit running mate The Game, 50 Cent and his ongoing enemy seemed able to party peacefully.

Until recently, this would likely have broken into come sort of confrontation, considering the two rappers have had a beef for the past ten years, which you can read a history of on Capital Xtra.

50 Cent at his bankruptcy hearing in March. [Photo by Steve Miller/Getty Images]
50 Cent at his bankruptcy hearing in March. [Photo by Steve Miller/Getty Images]
But 50 Cent’s got bigger fish to fry these days and so he’s doing the right thing staying out of trouble. Just last month, Inquisitr was reporting on the lies 50 was caught saying as it came to light that he had lied in a bankruptcy hearing. The Get rich or die tryin’ singer claimed he was broke and could not pay some debts he owed. 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy, but it then emerged and the Daily Mail reported that his worth was at least $118 million – and probably much more.

It all started with this unfortunate photo 50 Cent posted on his Instagram five weeks ago, which led to the rapper being summoned to court. He was asked to explain how a cash-strapped bankrupt singer could pose with tons of cash, CNN Money reported.

The judge summoned 50 Cent to ask about the money in the photos.
50 Cent poses with cash and posts it on Instagram. [Photo via Instagram/50cent]
50 told the court the money wasn’t real and referred to it as props used for his videos, and his lawyers insisted the rapper had disclosed all of his assets. But since then, 50 has made a game of posting photos of cash online, which slightly goes against his claims that he is completely broke!

So what do you think, will 50 Cent keep flashing his cash or has he had enough of the bad boy life?

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3]

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