Titans’ Chris Johnson lives on Twitter like the rest of us

Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans has Twitter and Facebook accounts like a normal guy, but unlike your average Joe, his tiffs and gaffes are getting him in more trouble.

Take the recent series of tweets surrounding his announcement via Twitter than he and a friend had been stopped by police on suspicion of being drunk: “Me and @kennyturner is pulled over they think we drunk be we aint drink nothing my dawg ace the test walked the line touched his nose they mad”.

Johnson may have said his “dawg” aced the sobriety test and thought it was a non-story, but rumor-filled site ProFootballTalk.com blogged about it as genuine news.

Johnson’s reaction came via Twitter again: “@profootballtalk hey stop posting lies about me I didn’t even get close to going to jail all I had was a red bull so let the police do their job”.

Naturally this was more fodder for another PFT post, where they apologized after harvesting more page views.

Johnson doesn’t seem perturbed that all of his public pronouncements, be they at a press conference or a less formal digital version, will be dissected. His latest addresses questions about his statistics for the 209 NFL season: “To answer my fans question I don’t know excact number but over 1500yards and 15TDS and 600 receving and 5receving td What yallthinkboutthat”.

The culture of NFL football allows for a lot of swagger and bluster, but those projections could come back to haunt him if they appear in the mainstream media and are portrayed as boasts, as could well happen. Meanwhile, it seems Johnson and other sportspeople – like Martellus Bennett with his controversial YouTube videos – are going to provide more and more easy story material for online journalists as they embrace social media.

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