Kyle Gass Credits Jack Black For Saving Him From Marijuana Brownies

Kyle Gass, the ridiculously underrated second half of Tenacious D, isn’t nearly as famous as his band mate Jack Black, and that’s a darn shame. Personally, I think he’s a fantastically funny individual, and his lack of mainstream success is perplexing to me. Apparently Gass had been questioning his lack of stardom, as well, which soon led the actor-musician down a very dark path. Before too long, he was loaded with self-hatred, and his reliance on drugs became stronger.

In fact, his friend and frequent collaborator Jack Black had to step in to save Gass from self-destructing altogether. Although this intervention took place nearly a year ago, Kyle is just now opening up about his treatment, his addiction, and his depression.

“I went insane last year. I had to be sent away to the loony hatch. Just rehab,” Gass explained to The Sunday Times. “I was eating large amounts of marijuana in brownies. Every day. I’d send my assistant to the store. We have stores where you can buy it. It’s crazy. I had a desperate need to be Van Gogh or something. Some tremendous artist. Jack’s so successful; what’s wrong with me? Why isn’t this working for me? I hated myself.”

In order to pull his friend out of the proverbial funk, Jack Black tossed his friend on a private jet and whisked him away to rehab. Gass initially rejected Black’s offer to help, though the actor’s insistence eventually wore him down.

“Thank God we went on a private plane. I didn’t want any f—ing Southwest Airlines passengers capturing it on their phones. Us hugging in the aisle, crying,” Gass joked.

If you’re a fan of comedic rock music and you haven’t heard of Tenacious D, then I strongly suggest correcting this problem as soon as humanly possible. The band formed in 1994, releasing their first album in 2001. Just this year, the self-proclaimed “Greatest Band in the World” unleashed its third disc, Rize of the Fenix, upon their legion of dedicated fans.

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