SNL’s Donald Trump ‘Women’ Skit Mocks Candidate’s Comments On Women [Video]

SNL opened its April 2 show with a scathing spoof of Donald Trump’s comments about women that was also a dig at the women who support him. Time Magazine reports that the SNL cold open satirized Donald Trump, showing the world the Saturday Night Live version of the former reality TV star, depicting Trump making “even more absurd comments” and blasting the female media personalities that seem to support The Donald in real life.

The SNL “At this Hour” skit even spoofs a Donald Trump rally, albeit with a little less physical violence than has become the norm at his events. Check it out.

At the SNL Donald Trump “spoof-rally,” the fake Trump (portrayed brilliantly by comedian Darrell Hammond) incites his “spoof-supporters” to get involved in an interactive campaign chant, shouting “When I say women, you say suck!”

The SNL Donald Trump sketch opens by mocking Scottie Nell Hughes, a conservative television anchor who is known for openly supporting Donald Trump. Played by Cecily Strong, an SNL cast member, the faux Hughes defends a bunch of Donald Trump comments to a faux Kate Bolduan (of CNN fame), portrayed in the skit by Kate McKinnon.

“As a woman, I like Donald Trump, but as a full-blown nutjob, I freakin’ love him.”

In the SNL skit, Strong says that Donald Trump “didn’t mean to” retweet that unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz, wife of Trump’s primary political rival, Ted Cruz. Rather, Strong goes on to contend that the accident was the result of Donald Trump’s “big” hands, saying that “His hands are this big flaccid.” The satirical exchange obviously alluding to comments made at a recent primary debate about Donald Trumps hand size, which was widely believed to be in reference to Trump’s penis and widely criticized as juvenile by political pundits and media personalities.

During the SNL skit, TV Trump makes comments about Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. During the skit, Ivanka is referred to by her fake dad as being “smart and talented.” He then goes on to say “and what a rack.” Donald Trump famously talked about a hypothetical situation where he would date Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter, reports Talking Points Memo. The real Donald Trump said on more than one occasion, and without a hint of satire, that if Ivanka Trump wasn’t his daughter, he’d consider dating her because she’s just so hot.

Donald and Ivanka Trump
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“Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father?…”

In the SNL skit, the daughter of Donald Trump is mentioned in the plethora of satire relating to his comments about women in general because some of them have been about Ivanka, who just had her third baby. The SNL skit goes on to comment about the newest addition to the Trump dynasty and how a recent pregnancy may have contributed to Ivanka Trump’s “tremendous” rack.

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has been connected to SNL during his campaign. As NBC News reported near the end of last year, The Donald himself showed up to do the show in November, sparking waves of protests against the controversial presidential candidate that so many love to hate.

Protests Against Donald Trump
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The real Scottie Nell Hughes took to Twitter to comment about her depiction on the SNL skit, and she appeared to be pretty good natured about the whole being called a “nut job” thing, going so far as to use the SNL publicity to self-promote a bit.

Not everyone on social media thought that SNL’s satirical Donald Trump skit was funny, though. Or in good taste.

Of course, some SNL supporters thought the Donald Trump skit was funny, even trying to add their own satire to the mix with their tweets.

With the 2016 presidential campaign in full swing and Donald Trump just having had one of the worst weeks of his campaign, it’s unlikely that the notoriously liberal SNL will stop taking swipes at The Donald anytime soon.

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