Farrah Abraham Launches Furniture Business Nobody Ever Saw Coming

Farrah Abraham is launching a brand new furniture business, showing the reality television star is willing to do whatever it takes in order to find success in this world. The woman who made her name by appearing on MTV’s Teen Mom has made some more adult turns in the last few years. Now, she’s has announced the launch of her new business on her Instagram profile. Named Furnished by Farrah, the actress who has turned into an adult film star in the last few years, has made the announcement of the new endeavor in her typical Farrah Abraham fashion.

By Farrah Abraham fashion, it is meant the actress didn’t actually shed any light on what exactly the company will be doing but she has managed to post a picture of herself wearing a rather suggestive nightgown. Is Furnished by Farrah a company that is going to be specializing in bedroom furniture? Silk drapes? Or is this simply a business move by Farrah Abraham, knowing exactly why people know her.

Whatever the reason for the rather interesting picture announcing the new company, Abraham is definitely giving it a go and it appears from her Instagram account the business is going to be launching in Austin, Texas. Along with the photo, which also includes a floor lamp next to her body, and both positioned in front of a bright window, she has added a revealing caption. Farrah Abraham certainly wants people to know she’s bringing this business to the market.

“Thank you All for your support on all of my endeavors as a woman in business. I’ve been lucky to do realestate for acouple years now & now I get to grow into a successfull Furnishing company!

Spelling errors in that caption aside, she’s probably right to point out she’s been a business woman before. It’s a safe bet most people don’t remember the teen mom has done much more than appear in front of the camera. Farrah Abraham seems to be diversifying quite nicely since she’s certainly not left her adult movie career entirely behind. Abraham has been making appearances at various conventions, where adult actors and actresses tend to show up.

As The Hollywood Gossip recently pointed out, Abraham has even made plastic molds of parts of her body that people can use as sex toys. It is this kind of endeavor that has some people looking at this new announcement a bit sideways. Farrah Abraham’s lack of details about what the company is going to be hasn’t helped matters any. Considering Abraham has also been considered as someone who doesn’t exactly have much in the way of book smarts, the fact that she’s working as an entrepreneur isn’t helping things when it comes to having people take Farrah Abraham’s latest business very seriously. And it doesn’t appear to be a delayed April Fool’s Day joke.

When can fans expect to see the young mother’s new business actually in operation? “Coming soon” seems to indicate there may not even be a launch date set in stone. This kind of announcement tends to stand in for any solid information. Of course, if there’s one thing Farrah Abraham understands quite well, it’s marketing. She’s managed to get her name out in the public long after other teen moms have faded out of the public eye. There will likely always be those who wonder just how seriously they should take any kind of announcement from Abraham. We’ll just have to wait and see what Furnished by Farrah truly is once it launches. Until then, Farrah Abraham will likely update followers through her Instagram account.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]

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