David Tennant Talks Essence of ‘Doctor Who’ Audio Adventures, Reunites With Billie Piper, Matt Smith At Wizard World

David Tennant and Catherine Tate are reuniting for a series of Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures next month. Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures will be available to purchase individually or as a set. They include “Death and the Queen,” “Technophobia,” and “Time Reaver.” An exact date isn’t stated on the Big Finish website, but the dramas will be available in physical and digital formats.

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Doctor Who Magazine caught up with the time-traveling duo to find out if the audio scripts capture the essence of their previous Who adventures.

“I think they do and they don’t,” Tennant claims. “Each episode on TV would go to a slightly different place, and have a slightly different set of criteria, and tell a story in a slightly different way. I think, in that sense, they’re very representative of the shows that we did on TV. Obviously the characters are the same, and they have that relationship that you will, I’m sure, [recognize]. But they’ve been put into some slightly different, new situations, with new types of stories.”

Catherine Tate noted how the audio adventures will follow the typical format of the T.V. series. “The convention of an episode is going to be the same, isn’t it: you arrive somewhere, something goes wrong, and then it’s all okay again. But I think these ones have been really original, and very fun to do,” she said.

Tennant added that despite these “original” stories being told in a “slightly different way,” fans will still recognize some of the common themes that define the iconic Time Lord.

“You’ll certainly [recognize] the same show, if you’re listening to these. When you put your headphones on, you’re going to recognise the world you’re in,” he said.

David recently made his U.S. stage debut as Richard II in the opener of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s ‘Henriad,’ presented under the banner ‘King and Country. THR’s review notes that the Scottish actor’s performance “doesn’t disappoint,” as he has played this role on and off since 2013. While his stage and screen credits overseas are endless, Tennant is best known to American television audiences as the space-and time-traveler in three series and nine specials of Doctor Who. His hit British series Broadchurch was adapted by FOX in 2014 and ended after ten episodes. The American remake, titled Gracepoint, had a different ending from the original.

Broadchurch series one earned the cast and crew numerous award nominations, and several British Academy Television (BAFTA) Awards and a BAFTA Craft Award. A third season was ordered by ITV last year, immediately following the series two finale — which took a surprise turn in the murder trail of an 11-year-old boy.

Mostly recently, David captivated viewers with his take as psychological super villain Kilgrave on the Netflix/Marvel series Jessica Jones. SPOILER ALERT – if you haven’t streamed Jessica Jones yet… Kilgrave is dead. Tennant shared with The Hollywood Reporter what the character’s demise means for his future in the franchise.

“I would never even try to guess what they have planned for a second season, if there even will be a second season,” David explained. “Who knows what Melissa has in store? I don’t think I’ll have a central part to play because what is interesting now is where Jessica goes after Kilgrave. But I’m totally in the dark.”

David Tennant was a guest at Wizard World St Louis over the weekend, where he took part in a Q&A with his former Doctor Who companion Billie Piper, and posed for pics alongside the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor, Matt Smith. What an exciting mini-reunion!

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