New ‘Catwoman’ Film Coming? This Actress Hopes So

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice marked the expansion of the DC Cinematic Universe, following the 2013’s Superman origin story Man Of Steel. This is just the beginning, though, because Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman are just around the corner, as is a Justice League effort.

But one iconic DC character whose future in this Warner Bros. universe hasn’t been figured out yet is Catwoman. One actress has now come out and insisted that she’d love to portray Selina Kyle or Vicki Vale if the character is introduced.

In fact, Sean Young has declared that Warner Bros. would be foolish to overlook her in the role. However, she didn’t do her chances of appearing as Selina Kyle much good as she then went on to call them “stupid.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Sean Young declared, “If these Warner Bros. executives now were really good businessmen, they’d let me play Catwoman today, and I’d make a smash amount of money. But they’re too stupid. You can lead people to water, but you can’t make them great artists. Nobody wants to take that risk, it’s too scary. If they’re wrong, it can cost them their job. If there were really good businessmen over there, it’s be an obvious no brainer, but I’m not running the studio.”

Sean Young has quite a storied history when it comes to her pursuit to play Catwoman. Back in 1989, Sean Young was actually cast as Vicki Vale by Tim Burton for the original Batman. However, tragedy struck when she was rehearsing for the blockbuster, as she broke her arm. This meant that the director had to replace her with Kim Basinger.

Sean Young wasn’t going to let this little incident stop her, though. In fact, when it was announced that Catwoman would be a part of the 1992 follow-up to Batman, Batman Returns, Sean Young decided to take it into her own hands to try and get the iconic role.

She even took the rather bizarre step of dressing up in her very own Catwoman costume and then ambushing Tim Burton on the Warner Bros. lot to try and convince the director that she was right for the role. The ploy didn’t work, though, as the role ultimately went to Michelle Pfeiffer.

Despite never actually portraying Catwoman, Sean Young has still had a rather successful career, going on to star in Blade Runner, Dune, Now Way Out, Wall Street, and Cousins. Since the early 1990s, though, Sean Young’s career has cooled significantly.

But while it would admittedly be rather surprising if Warner Bros. did go with Sean Young as Catwoman, there is a good chance that the character would be somewhere around her age of 56-years-old if she was introduced into the DC Expansion Universe. That’s because Ben Affleck’s incarnation of Batman is believed to be somewhere in the vicinity of this age in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Catwoman has been a hugely popular figure on the small and big screen. Throughout the 1960s, she was portrayed by Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Earth Kitt in the 1960s Batman television series, and the 1966 Batman motion picture. Meanwhile, as well as Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal in Batman Returns, both Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway have played the character in cinema, too, while Camren Bicondova currently stars as a younger version of Kyle in the TV series, Gotham.

Hathaway played Selina Kyle in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, but Halle Berry’s Catwoman was both a critical and commercial flop. Fingers crossed Warner Bros.’ future plans for the character learn from her mistakes.

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