‘Outcast’ Releases Terrifying New Trailer For Cinemax Show [Video]

Outcast is the terrifying new show from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. Season 1 is about to premiere on Cinemax, and the trailer indicates there is good reason to make it only available on a premium cable network like that.

Suffice it to say that Outcast is not just your ordinary horror TV series, but rather a bone-chilling look at the nature of a monstrous new/old element that Kirkman has decided to put his mark on – possessions. The show has some very intense scenes of disturbing human depravity that most will find to be so disturbing, it may just cause a paranoia backlash.

Kirkman has already proven that he can take a particular horror genre and reinvent it with some fine-tuning then make it a monstrous success. In The Walking Dead, the show has become the biggest on television, which is a rare accomplishment for both a cable show as well as a horror genre series.

For those who do not know, Outcast is coming to Cinemax this summer and Kirkman has brought to life such vividly outstanding characters that the show is expected mirror the results of TWD as a premium cable success, according to Screen Crush.

As for the show itself, Outcast is headlined by a man, Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit), who has been plagued with demonic possessions since he was a child. It was not just one instance, but several that he had to battle it out with demons in his life just to survive the onslaught of what life had to give him.

In the show Outcast, he pushes himself on a journey to find out why he has always been a magnet for demons. He wants to know why they seek him out for possession. It seems unlikely that they would target him, one after another, and no one else around him. In his mind, it is like lightning striking more than once in the same spot.

So Barnes’ journey as the Outcast leads him down several paths for which he seeks the answer to this burning question.

As evidenced in the trailer for Outcast, Barnes lands in a town that also seems to have a heavy demonic presence. But there is also that one thing that’s present in nearly all of Kirkman’s work. Barnes not only has to fight the monstrous elements of the series, but he finds himself in a duel with human beings as well. He encounters people that also have an ominous side to their personality and his fight for survival means he squares off with people and demons alike.

So moving forward with his journey on Outcast, Barnes will encounter two other people that have a gritty side to them that only he may be able to understand. One is a preacher who thinks that he is a soldier in God’s army. Another is a small boy who seems to have the same demonic afflictions as himself.

Of course, as Outcast is currently premised, Barnes is the only likely person that can help the young boy get past the problem, given that he himself is the only other person he knows of that has actually went through the same thing as him.

The preacher on Outcast, who is called Reverend Anderson, is also quite a unique character. He is a hard-nosed fighting man for God, but he is also a living a gritty lifestyle, which includes drinking heavily and succumbing to the effects of alcohol.

The Outcast TV series has been adapted from the Skybound Comics series and will premiere on Cinemax this summer on June 3. Season 1 will run for 10 episodes and there has already been confirmation for season 2 on Cinemax.

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