Paris Jackson Turns 18: The Celebration And The Family’s Concerns

As unbelievable as it may seem, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris turned 18 on Sunday, and she took to social media to celebrate and share photos and memories of her game-changing birthday. Paris Jackson showed off her new found adulthood by sharing a photo of a very grown-up kiss with her boyfriend on Instagram. Jackson has reportedly been with Michael Snoddy, a drummer from the punk percussion band Street Drum Corps for a few weeks, and Paris hasn’t been shy about sharing details of the pair’s fledgling love on social media.

In the celebratory birthday pic, Paris Jackson shows off a blonde faux hawk hairdo, and in the picture she bears a striking resemblance to her mother, Debbie Rowe, who was briefly married to Michael Jackson from 1996 to 1999. Paris’ current beau, Michael, wore a beanie and used the photo-op to display his tattooed hands, reports People.

Check it out.

Paris Jackson and her friends also showed off their dance skills by dancing to “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. Paris once again shared the birthday shenanigans on Instagram, along with the caption, “Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes! you all mean the world to me.”

While enthusiastic, Paris Jackson’s moves didn’t seem to be quite on par with those of her famously agile and talented late father.

While Paris Jackson seems thrilled to have officially become an adult this weekend, rumor has it that her family has some concerns about the milestone. Radar Online reports that Paris Jackson’s family is “terrified” about her future and the potential of bad things to come following her 18th birthday bash. Paris has a “troubled” history and often causes her family grief. Reports about Michael Jackson’s only daughter’s “bad behavior” have dogged Paris for years, and have included everything from underage smoking, to dating much older guys, to generally defying authority of all kinds.

Now that Paris Jackson has reached the critical age of 18, she’s officially going to be off her family’s hook and beyond their legal control. On top of that, Paris is reportedly inheriting millions of dollars from Michael Jackson’s estate, so she’ll be able to finance her lifestyle as she sees fit.

It’s also been rumored that Paris Jackson’s family had some serious concerns about the new boyfriend she spent her 18th birthday locking lips with. International Business Times reported that leading up to Paris Jackson’s 18th birthday, her family members were worried that she was moving too fast with her new romantic relationship with Michael Snoddy, who is known for sporting a Confederate flag tattoo.

“The more that the family looks into this guy, the more horrified they are.”

Paris Jackson had a tumultuous few months leading up to her official adulthood. Jackson reportedly broke up with Chester Castellaw, her first “real” boyfriend in December 2015. Following the breakup, Paris Jackson drastically changed her physical appearance. Paris chopped off her long, dark hair and bleached it blonde. She reportedly began “acting out” more and even started openly smoking cigarettes, despite her guardian’s attempts to put an end to her concerning behavior and keep her in check.

“Katherine and Joe both told her that she is not to smoke any more cigarettes, but she is not listening. She told them that it is her life and she is going to do what she wants.”

When Paris Jackson’s social media fans called her out on smoking and advised her to ditch the cancer-causing habit, she lashed out at themm too, telling them that she had “nothing to prove.” Jackson also publicly admitted that she’s been attending AA meetings.

Plenty of reasons for family members of a teenager to be concerned about a possible downward spiral.

Now that she’s 18, though, Paris Jackson will get to make, and have to be responsible for, her own life choices, regardless of her family’s concerns.

Reportedly, Paris’ family is taking a hands off approach to her concerning behavior, especially now that her 18th birthday has come.

“Paris’s family are extremely worried about her right now, but they are actually just allowing her to continue smoking right now because they are so afraid of her shutting them out even more.”

Here’s to wishing Paris Jackson a happy birthday and hoping that her family’s concerns are unfounded.

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