Rocco Ritchie: Did He Really Call Madonna A B***h On Instagram? ‘Son Of A B***h’ Bio May Be Fake

Rocco Ritchie allegedly caused a tizzy on social media when an Instagram account bearing his name changed its bio to say “son of a b***h.” But there are reports now that the account may be fake.

In case you don’t know, Rocco Ritchie is the name of Madonna’s 15-year-old son with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

The Telegraph reports that the son of the pop legend had previously deleted his Instagram account which had 140,000 followers on it. But a new account with his name popped up. It was changed to private on Sunday, according to The Telegraph and the bio was changed to “lol,” short for laugh out loud. The profile picture was also changed from a picture of Rocco to one of a robot.

“If this is his new account then clearly comments like this show he’s in a delicate place and highlights the fact he needs to be in an equally supportive relationship with both parents.” an alleged insider source close to the family told the Daily Mail.

“The fact it has been set up at all, even if it is just a prank by one of his friends, shows how public their feud has become. For Madonna, it is proof their relationship needs to get back on track as soon as possible.”

As The Telelgraph reports, Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie have been locked in a heated custody battle for the past four months and most of that has been centered around the care of Rocco.

According to The Telegraph, a High Court judge urged Moadonna and Guy Ritchie to resolve their differences. He insisted that it would be a “great tragedy” to waste any more of Rocco’s “fast receding” youth embroiled in a custody dispute.

Madonna married director Guy Ritchie in 2000 but divorced him in 2009. When they divorced, there was an agreement that Rocco would live in the U.S. with his mother but tension around that started to arise around Christmas last year. After the holidays, Rocco was supposed to leave England and return to the U.S. but refused to do so. Madonna then went to family court to force Rocco to come back to the U.S.

The Daily Mail reports that the “Material Girl” singer is set to go to Britain to visit him for the first time since Christmas, so they may be able to resolve whatever differences they may have.

Now, Gossip Cop is reporting that the “son of a b***h” comment may not even have been written by Rocco Ritchie. According to Gossip Cop, a rep from Madonna’s camp told them exclusively that the Instagram account in question was not created by Rocco. Gossip Cop also reports that the Instagram account changed its bio to read, “Notwhouthinkiam. News be Trippen. I’m loling. I’m not even Rocco.”

This whole custody mess between Guy Ritchie, Madonna, and Rocco isn’t all the drama that Madonna has to deal with right now. People Magazine reports that Madonna has claimed her New York City co-op is preventing her children and staff from living in her residence while she isn’t there.

Madonna, who has been travelling all over the world for her Rebel Heart tour, claims that Harperley Hall “illegally changed her original proprietary lease in April 2014 to say that her children and domestic help cannot live in the unit unless she herself is ‘in residence’ at the time,”

Page Six reports that Madonna’s lease at Harperley Hall does not allow anyone younger than 21 to live at the residence without an adult who is older than 21.

Madonna has four children who are all under the age of 21.

In her lawsuit, Madonna, 57, said that she needs to travel regularly because of her career and she owns a number of homes across the world. So, she’s caught in a rock and a hard place, according to Page Six.

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