Negan On Both ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ This Year? [Video]

Negan is the feared comic book villain for The Waking Dead that is about to make his grand debut on the AMC show for the first time. But for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to be on the show in the very last episode, in the final moments of Season 6, could also mean that he is in serious need of a backstory. That could easily be given to him by featuring him in a cameo, of sorts, on Fear The Walking Dead.

In an exclusive interview with Comic Book, the stars of Fear The Walking Dead have tried to give up a few details without actually giving anything away. This is something that the producers of The Walking Dead universe have trained them well on.

The character of Negan has not been confirmed to be in a role on Fear The Walking Dead, at least not yet. But, there is hope beyond hope that he will be there in some way or capacity for fans of The Walking Dead who want to see the origins of this famed comic book monster, who has had such an intense influence over the AMC series to date without ever actually having appeared in a single episode yet.

One thing that The Walking Dead has done very well is building up his character by forcing the suspense and the clues down fans’ throats, and making them explode in fury on social media with fan theories and speculation.

Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey was one of those who treaded lightly on the topic, trying to pass off not knowing too much about whether or not that could happen.

“I think like everyone, any kind of crossover would be so awesome,” Debnam-Carey told Comic Book. “[The producers are] basically saying, ‘No, it won’t happen,’ but I think everyone has a bit of hope.”

The viability of Negan appearing in person on Fear The Walking Dead are slim to none. But that does not mean the producers of the show will not make his presence known. Just consider what they did with Negan all through Season 6 of TWD. His character has been known for quite some time now, but he has not appeared once, until the last episode of course.

So, just like with its predecessor, Fear The Walking Dead could indeed feature Negan on the show and never once have Jeffrey Dean Morgan appear. It could be done with the unique perspectives of his minions, or his legend. The characters could at some point come upon the smoldering fires that were once in the path of Negan and his quest. They could hear stories about him through the eyes of those who survived him.

Lorenzo James Henrie plays Chris on Fear The Walking Dead, and he seems to think that the concept would be a great way to pass through the show.

“I think that’s cool,” Henry told Comic Book. “I’m only told so much information, but because I know how the fan-base is with The Walking Dead and the Fear the Walking Dead fan-base, I think people would absolutely love to see that.”

But actress Mercedes Masohn was a bit more optimistic about her anticipation for Negan on Fear The Walking Dead.

“That would be pretty incredible especially because we’re just now meeting him [Negan] on that show,” Mason told Comic Book. “I’m totally caught up on The Walking Dead, by the way. I am genuinely a fan of the show so we’re just now starting to meet Negan over there, and who knows what he has done prior?”

Fear The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on Sunday, April 10, at 10p.m. EDT.

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