Harry Styles News: Worst Fan Selfie Request And One Direction Star’s Pilates Routine

Harry Styles was asked to take a selfie with a fan at his grandmother’s funeral, his sister Gemma has revealed. We knew there were downsides to being famous, and here’s more proof of how hard it can be to maintain privacy when you’re a One Direction member.

Harry Styles’ sister, Gemma, was writing about the inappropriate EgyptAir selfie-with-a-terrorist which made news around the globe last week, on her blog in The Debrief.

Harry Styles' fans get really involved in his private life.
Gemma Styles doesn’t post that many photos with her brother Harry but when she does, they are inundated with comments from fans. [Photo via Instagram/gemmastyles]

Styles goes on to describe her “most frustrating personal experience,” which was when a “‘friend’/distant relative was trying to bring in her granddaughter or niece or someone to have a picture with my brother.” Gemma added the following.

“At a funeral. Our grandmother’s funeral. ‘Smh’ doesn’t really cover it.”

Harry and Gemma Styles’ grandmother passed away in 2014, and unfortunately this is only one of many disrespectful moments the siblings have had to deal with.

No Private Life

Earlier this year, a young woman was inundated with violent messages and even death threats after posting a selfie with Harry Styles, as the Daily Mail reported.

Amy Whelan had bumped into the One Direction singer while out doing her shopping and had snapped a quick picture with the start – only to be directly attacked by Harry Styles fans jealous of her luck.

Is Harry Styles distancing himself from the public eye after all the rumours about his private life?
Harry Styles hasn’t been very active on his social media accounts, with his latest Instagram post being more than a week old. [Photo via Instagram/harrystyles]

Things often go very wild very quickly when Harry Styles is concerned – especially when he’s seen or pictured with girls who are automatically considered his latest conquests.

Some fans take Harry’s private life very much to heart and don’t hesitate to post comments and advice on social media as they feel personally involved with the singer’s love life. A famous example of this was when Harry’s mom, Anne’s, iCloud was hacked, with dozens of private photos of Harry and Kendall Jenner leaked online, as Inquisitr reported recently.

Taking Up Pilates

In other – and healthier – news, Harry has been going to pilates classes to help with legs and back issues. After 18 months, sources say he now “stands an inch taller,” and that Harry himself was amazed at the results.

It’s not the first time Styles was making an attempt at sorting out his back, and he had revealed in 2013 that he had attempted yoga already – instead of ballet as recommended by his osteopath. But he has now switched to pilates and is seeing incredible results.

Harry's taking up exercise to solve his back problems..;
Kate Gooders shares a picture with Harry Styles at their pilates class, in London. [Photo via Instagram/kategoodersxx]

Looks like the well-deserved break from One Direction is doing more good than we thought for 22-year-old Harry Styles, who’ll come back healthier and in better form than ever!

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

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