Chrome Comic book auction update: bidding up to $320!

Just over 4 days are left for your chance to buy a piece of Google history: a Google Chrome comic book, with the profit going to charity.

Bidding is currently at $320 AUD and has attracted 12 bidders. See the full auction details here, or our early post here.

Our thanks to everyone who has linked to the auction and promoted it. Two very good causes on the receiving end here, and the book isn’t half bad either!

One note on the legality of the sale (someone claimed it wasn’t legal to sell because I don’t have permission), I check with Matt Cutts just to be sure, and his response was that I’m free to do what I like with it.

If bidding is beyond your means but you’d like to help, please consider a small donation to Beth Kanter if you’re in the United States, or Beyond Blue if you’re in Australia.

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