Morgan Freeman Series: ‘The Story of God’ To Air On National Geographic Channel

One of the most recognizable voices in all of Hollywood, Morgan Freeman has a new six-part series that will air on the National Geographic channel on April, 3 at 9:00 p. m. eastern time.

The Story of God With Morgan Freeman will see Morgan Freeman talk about a subject that is near and dear to his heart. Along with Freeman, Lori McCreary and James Younger, co-produced this six-part series.

Freeman’s series will examine religion and history in order to show how God was an influence on mankind. Freeman will go in depth into the origins of the major religions around the world. Morgan’s show is one where the viewer cannot just zone out with it on in the background. The audience will need to pay attention in order to appreciate what Freeman has to offer.

The pilot episode of The Story Of God With Morgan Freeman will focus on death and the afterlife. How has the afterlife influenced and molded humanity throughout their history on Earth? That question will be the focus of the first episode tonight. Titled “Afterlife,” Egypt’s history with the pyramids and the pharaohs will be a large focus of the episode. Freeman will also use this episode to discuss how his life has changed after losing his brother.

The subject of religion is one which people have different and strong feelings. The world we live in today has humanity trying to understand the difference between the peaceful Muslims who practice Islam in the proper way, and the Muslim’s who interpret the Koran in such a way that they create terror around the world because they say their prophet tells them to. One of the people that Morgan Freeman will be talking to in this show is a former recruiter for Islamic terrorist groups. This former recruiter will discuss how he became radicalized while growing up in the United Kingdom.

The second episode of The Story Of God With Morgan Freeman, “End of Days,” will discuss the apocalypse. All throughout history, mankind’s predictions of the end of the world and preparing for the apocalypse forced humans to prepare and evolve in order to deal with the unknown.

While working on The Story Of God, Freeman states that he has ended up having more questions than what he started with. One of the areas that Morgan has questions about has to deal with the creation of man. Freeman lays out the evidence and proof that science has given to us, but he wonders if it was also possible that the hand of God assisted science in any way.

In the future, humanity will likely have to share the world with robots. Mixing religion with technology is a tricky matter. Morgan will discuss how some scientists believe that humans will be able to create robots that are so human like that they will have a brain and a human soul. This will lead to a question as to what exactly makes a human a human.

The Story of God is a way for the human race to examine their faith. What one person believes can be different than another person. One sees God as a man while others believe God is a woman. We can believe what we want to believe and this series is sure to explain that. Freeman ends the episodes with a quote that will speak to everyone, no matter their religion.

“Our beliefs don’t have to divide us but have the power to make us do marvelous things. … As it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever.”

Will you tune in to watch Morgan Freeman’s new series?

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