Things You Can’t Say About The Internet Ep. #10

The latest episode of Things You Can’t Say About The Internet with Steve Hodson and and myself was a vintage episode. Before you hit play though, a language warning, but it was perhaps our funnest yet.

From Steve’s notes:

In this episode we have a discussion about the newest entry of Google’s Chrome where I am accused of drinking too much kool-aid. Cyndy claims she will never use it come hell or high water but of couse they’ll have to release a Mac version first so time will tell there. Duncan of couse being the sensible one even though he did offer me another glass of kool-aid said he would try it when it comes out with a Mac version.

While Chrome did take up the better part of the show we did get onto a couple of other subjects such as the new version of Picasa and a bit of a discussion about blog design style which was prompter by my recent launch of The Hodson Report blog. This lead into a fun and heated discussion about advertising on blogs but all in all it was another great show with lots of laughs.

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