‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Takes Cooking Lessons, Prepares Romantic Dinner For Lauren Bushnell

Bachelor Ben Higgins and his fiancée Lauren Bushnell are enjoying life as a newly engaged couple with no cameras following them around in Ben’s Denver home or during their date nights.

Although their lives are no longer televised, Lauren uses Snapchat from time to time so fans are able to see how much fun they are having together now that the media frenzy is over. Earlier in the week, the couple’s first date night in Denver ended with Ben getting locked in an elevator, but fortunately, their date on Saturday didn’t require any emergency personnel.

On Saturday, Ben and Lauren took a cooking class at the Cook Street School of Culinary Arts. It looked a lot less stressful than the group cooking date in Mexico City that Ben went on during his time as the Bachelor.

Ben Higgins cooking date
[Image via Lauren Bushnell Snapchat]
Lauren shared photos of their gourmet dinner and it looks like the date was a hit, right down to the homemade mini birthday cake. Ben celebrated his 28th birthday on March 23 — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with extending the celebration right into the next month!

Ben Higgins cooking date
[Image via Lauren Bushnell Snapchat]
Although blogger Reality Steve typically predicts that most Bachelor couples will never get married, Ben and Lauren seem to be doing things right. After a brief media tour in New York City after the season finale, they spent time with their families and very little time on social media.

Aside from a few pictures and random updates on Snapchat, Ben is standing by his word — they do not intend to “chase fame” like other cast members have.

“The one thing I don’t want out of this is to chase fame. We’re open to opportunities, but we haven’t accepted them right now because our main goal is to concentrate on us, we want to celebrate this.”

So far, they haven’t tried to sell sunglasses or teeth whitening kits on Instagram and they haven’t made any paid nightclub appearances. Instead, they are spending time together like a normal couple and are only attending events that are important to them.

Ben and Lauren did attend a fundraiser at the Baker Youth Club in Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, last Friday, and instead of standing on a red carpet, they had fun with the attendees. Ben worked at the BYC several years ago and it was the site of one of his one-on-one dates on the Bachelor, so there is no doubt this was a special event for him.

The next event the couple will attend is on April 15 when Ben will serve as the grand marshall at the Little 500 hosted by Ben’s alma mater, Indiana University. After that, Lauren plans on moving her belongings from her home in California to the home she now shares with Ben in Denver.

Ben and Lauren recently told AOL that they both plan on going back to work to the jobs they both love. Ben has worked as a software salesman with Talisys in Denver since he graduated from Indiana University and Lauren currently works as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines, a job that she says is “very flexible.”

During an interview with Conde Nast Traveler, Lauren revealed that they have a list of places they hope to travel to in the near future including Cuba, Costa Rica, and the Honduras, with Cuba topping the list.

Although she doesn’t specifically point to Cuba as their honeymoon destination, she tells Conde Nast that they have been “talking a lot about Cuba” and they hope to “travel the world together” when their schedule allows.

Will fans eventually see Ben and Lauren get married on TV? The couple hasn’t ruled that out but whether it’s an ABC special or a big celebration with friends and family, they are very serious about getting married. Once Lauren gets settled in Denver, Ben tells Extra TV that they plan to get married in late 2016 or “very early 2017.”

[Image via Lauren Bushnell Snapchat]

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