‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Amina Buddafly Reveals Gender Of New Baby, Finally Ready To Divorce Peter Gunz

Amina Buddafly shocked fans at the Love & Hip Hop reunion when she announced that she was pregnant again. Peter Gunz’ wife had already aborted earlier in the LHHNY season after learning that Peter was still sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, Tara Wallace. After Tara announced her pregnancy, Amina was understandably crushed. Fans believe that that led the controversial reality TV star to get pregnant again on purpose in a bid to one-up Tara. Amina recently announced the gender of her new baby, via Instagram, and even hinted that she might be ready to walk away from the Love & Hip Hop love triangle, divorcing Peter for good.

Amina confirmed on Instagram that she and Peter Gunz are having another baby girl. Let that be another slap in the face of Peter’s forever side chick, Tara Wallace. She recently shocked LHHNY fans after announcing another pregnancy after sneaking around with Peter behind Amina’s back, only to learn that she would be having her third boy with Gunz. Wallace never lamented not having a little girl, but it’s a safe bet that she wanted one and now Amina will have two.

Tara showed off her pregnancy in magazines and angel-winged photo shoots, while Amina suffered in knowing that she aborted Peter’s baby because she was upset that he was still sleeping with his ex. When Peter announced he was a “changed man” and would be getting a vasectomy to prove it, Amina broke down. The thought of Tara having Peter’s last baby when she was the one who married him, was just too much for the German-born singer to handle.

It turns out Amina doesn’t have to handle it, though, because Peter reportedly got his vasectomy and Amina got pregnant just in time that she wins the competition with Tara Wallace. Amina will be having Peter Gunz’ last child and it is a girl, something Tara will never have with him.

When Amina shared her ultrasound picture, she captioned it, “#BabyBX (when we found out it’s a girl 1/26).” Apparently now that the Love & Hip Hop reunion is over, she can go ahead and share the details of her pregnancy. It looks like she’s a lot farther along than many fans thought if she learned that the baby is a girl back in January.

In an interview with VladTV recently, Peter admitted that he was afraid Amina might abort this baby too.

“We didn’t know she was pregnant when I got the vasectomy,” he said. “We were both in shock. And I think, and I don’t know if she would ever say this publicly, and I don’t feel right saying it publicly, but I feel like she was contemplating having another termination because it was just overwhelming … but I think she looked at Cori and looked at Tara having a baby and said no I’m gonna keep it.”

So, it looks like Amina is keeping her baby, but she may not be keeping her husband, Peter Gunz. She was without Gunz at a recent premiere for Meet The Blacks, going with Erica Mena as her date instead. While walking the carpet for the premiere, Amina gave an interview to Hip Hollywood and she sounded through with Peter.

“Ah yea, it is [time to move on], but you know, I’m still… it’s a process,” she said. “I’m in transition, so I don’t want to talk about it.”

Is Amina Buddafly really done with Peter Gunz? Does that mean Tara Wallace has won or will she just end up sharing him with someone else, the way she always has? There’s still no telling if the messy threesome will end up coming back for another season of Love & Hip Hop. Fans seem to be pretty sick of their storyline that has dragged on now for years, and through the births of two children already.

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