Rory Feek Shares Incredibly Emotional And Touching Photo Of Joey Feek’s Grave On Family’s Tennessee Farm

It has been less than a month since Joey Feek passed away after her long battle with cancer that was followed by millions around the world. She may no longer be of this life, but her husband, Rory Feek, and her family will never ever forget her. Joey still lives on in their hearts and minds, and even still on social media. Rory just recently shared an emotional and touching photo of Joey’s grave on the family’s Tennessee farm, and it shows that the sun still shines on her.

The picture was posted on Rory and Joey Feek’s Instagram page, and it shows the sun rising on the family farm and lighting up the area where she now rests. A couple of horses stand around and are enjoying the morning air near their owner’s grave.

As you can see, the area is kept special and is adorned by a small wooden cross to always label where Joey Feek will lay.

The message attached to the image is one that is very touching and uplifting. Joey Feek was always so positive, and that strength remained even into her final days of life when things were so hard and the pain was so great.

ABC News reported that back on March 4, Joey Feek lost her battle with cervical cancer at the very young age of 40.

Rory Feek kept a running blog on The Life I Live as his wife went through her battle and the couple continued to live their life with their children and family. Fans from around the world latched onto all of his posts and each picture as they watched Joey Feek go through her treatments, her good days, her bad days, and everything in between.

The most recent post by Rory was on Easter, a holiday that was considered a favorite of Joey. Yes, he had his family with him still, but his thoughts were elsewhere.

“I can’t help but think of my bride today. To remember all the Easter’s we’ve spent together over the years and what this morning would be like if she were still here with us. What it would mean to her to share Easter this year with our two-year-old. It would be so, so special.”

He went on to share another couple of stories and even thanked Joey for passing along the guidance that their young daughter, Indiana, needs. Rory believes that in the final months of his wife’s life, she made Indy realize that she wouldn’t be forever and she needs to trust her daddy.

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[Credit: The Life I Live]
Rory Feek has said that the wooden cross is temporary, but he still enjoys going to the spot where she rests and speaking with her about everything that is going on. He just wants to keep her updated on all that is happening and the things that Indiana is doing.

Indiana may no longer have her mother, but she does have numerous adult female influences in her life. Her big sister Heidi spends plenty of time with her as the days go by.

Rory Feek will never forget his beautiful bride and hopes that no one ever does. He has said that 2-year-old Indiana Has not asked about Joey since she passed away and sometimes he feels as if she “hasn’t noticed that she’s not here.”

“And that is so sad…and oh, so wonderful – all at the same time.”

Country singer Joey Feek has almost been gone for one month now after losing her battle to cancer, but she continues to live on. Rory Feek making blog posts and showing others pictures of her grave on the family’s Tennessee farm and their little girl remembering her mama are just some of the ways to always keep her alive.

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