‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Will Daryl & Glenn Both Die In The Season 6 Finale?

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale is inching closer and fans are more worried than ever about which character, or characters, could be dead by the end of the episode on Sunday night. While the majority of fans seem to think that either Glenn or Daryl will be the one to be killed by Negan, new spoilers and rumors are running wild that both of the beloved characters may actually die in the episode!

Fans have been so busy debating about whether Glenn or Daryl will get Negan’s bat in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead that they nearly forgot to think about the possibility that both characters could die. In fact, some fans have been nervously wondering if that grisly scenario could actually happen once Sunday rolls around.

The Walking Dead: Daryl and Glenn both killed by Negan?
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After leaked footage and audio of Negan swinging his bat and killing (at least) one of The Walking Dead‘s characters have been heard and seen it seems safe to say that someone is dying, and the spoilers have it pegged to go down a little something like this.

The Savior’s rally Rick and most of this group and put them in a lineup. Negan finally shows his face and gives a big monologue about how his men were killed and how Rick’s group is going to work for him now, giving him half of everything they have. Negan tells Rick that he’s going to kill a member of his group as a punishment and then begins to decide which one that will be. After a terrifying game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Negan selects his victim and begins to swing Lucille, his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, until that person’s head is bashed in and they’re dead.

However, one Brazillian website claims to have seen parts of the episode and reveals that Negan’s victim is shown in a post-credit scene of The Walking Dead finale. The site reports that it is both Daryl and Glenn who are shown lying dead on the ground with their heads bashed in, as Negan has killed both of the men. This report is totally unconfirmed and is very likely false, but nevertheless, fans are extremely worried about the fates of Glenn and Daryl.

Losing even one of those extremely important and beloved Walking Dead characters would have fans losing their minds, blowing up the internet, and freaking out in total shock, but to lose both Glenn and Daryl would be something that no one saw coming, and would never believe would happen, especially since they are both original characters who have been on the series sine its first season. How would we go on without them?

While The Walking Dead execs have already confirmed that the Season 6 finale takes a hard left turn from the comic series, where it was Glenn who was killed by Negan, that doesn’t leave Glenn safe. If the show were to kill both of the characters it would stun everyone completely and keep fans talking about it until the October premiere of Season 7.

So, why would The Walking Dead want/need to kill both Glenn and Daryl if these rumors/spoilers are true? Well, there are a lot of characters in the TWD universe and even more coming as Season 7 is rumored to introduce The Kingdom and all those who come with it. Will the show start weeding through the characters as new ones are ushered in?

The Walking Dead spoilers: Will Negan kill Daryl and Glenn in Season 6 finale?
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Another reason that the show could have to kill both Daryl and Glenn would to more room for the emergence of Abraham. In the comic series there is no Daryl and Glenn is killed by Negan. This leaves Abraham as Rick’s right hand man, which if both the characters are killed off, would likely happen on the series.

What do you think of all these shocking Walking Dead spoilers and rumors? Do you think Daryl and Glenn could both die in the Season 6 finale?

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