Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Already Headed For A Split? ‘The Bachelor’ Winners Feeling ‘Extreme Tension’

It’s been a few weeks since Ben Higgins proposed to Lauren Bushnell during The Bachelor finale, and the new couple is still working through their past issues. The biggest obstacle between them remains the fact that Higgins told runner-up JoJo Fletcher that he loved her. With the tension continuing to build, will Higgins and Bushnell remain together?

According to Hollywood Life, the feelings Higgins had for Fletcher is the main source of tension between The Bachelor stars. As far as Bushnell is concerned, she has tried to push it out of sight and mind, though the uneasiness between her and Higgins is starting to mount.

“Lauren tries not to think about it,” an insider shared. “But she’s traumatized that Ben told another girl he loved her. Everyone around them can feel the awkwardness. It’s unclear if they will last. Things between them are getting worse.”

As fans will recall, Higgins had a difficult time choosing between Bushnell and Fletcher during The Bachelor finale. In fact, for the first time in Bachelor history, Higgins told both finalists that he loved them just prior to giving Fletcher the boot and handing his final rose to Bushnell.

'The Bachelor' Ben Higgins 'Devastated' Over Lauren Bushnell's Dark Past, Couple On The Verge Of A Split? [Image via ABC]
Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins after the proposal. [Image via ABC]
Of course, Bushnell was not aware of the extent of Higgins’ feelings towards Fletcher until after the rose ceremony. Ever since then, reports of a future break have plagued the couple as they attempt to move on with their lives.

In addition to Ben Higgins’ past feelings for Fletcher, there’s also the issue of his former ex-girlfriend. Higgins and his ex-girlfriend are still friends and have continued to confide in each other even after Higgins and Bushnell started dating.

With yet another woman coming between them, the inside source added that Bushnell is not happy about his conversations with his ex. Apparently, Higgins has continued to reach out to his former girlfriend despite Bushnell’s misgivings. Will this prove to be their undoing?

“Ben values his ex’s opinion on things. After breaking up, they would catch up here and there, but they got closer in the past year,” the source explained. “Even when Ben got engaged to Lauren, that didn’t stop them from talking.”

Meanwhile, Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that Higgins and Bushnell have yet to settle on a date for their wedding. Although it’s only been a few weeks since the end of The Bachelor, Higgins and Bushnell have been together for months, a fact that has only fueled the break-up rumors even more. Are they having second thoughts about exchanging vows?

As it currently stands, the couple is coming off their tour of the country following The Bachelor finale. With things settling down, the two are expected to return to Higgins’ home in Denver, Colorado. Although Bushnell is planning on moving in with him, there is some doubt that the change in setting will help their relationship any.

JoJo Fletcher Ben Higgins
Ben Higgins and JoJo Fletcher [Image via ABC]
According to OK! Magazine, Bushnell is not really looking forward to the move. After all, Bushnell is having to leave her old life and friends behind and start things completely fresh in a new city. While this might work out for her in the end, Higgins definitely has his work cut out for him in the coming months.

“It’s his place, not theirs,” a close friend of Bushnell shared. “If he doesn’t make it feel like home for her, they won’t make it.”

At this point, it is unclear if Higgins and Bushnell will stay together and follow through with their plans to marry. With their relationship off to such a shaky start, it would not be surprising if the couple parted ways in the near future.

Tell us! Do you think Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell will be one of The Bachelor couples that make their relationship last? Let us know in the comments below.

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