Kate Middleton, Prince William Feel ‘Incredibly Lucky’ To Visit Taj Mahal And Iconic ‘Diana’s Bench’ [Video]

Kate Middleton and Prince William are said to feel “incredibly lucky” to visit the Taj Mahal, where the memory of his mother, Princess Diana of Wales is “kept alive by so many who travel there.” In 1992, Princess Diana visited the historic monument, and Kate and William will visit the iconic spot on the last day of their first official tour through India.

Kate and William “cannot wait to see it with their own eyes” it with their own eyes” and visit “this beautiful place for themselves.” According to an official spokesperson, Middleton and her husband are ready to create “some new memories as they say thank you to the people of India” for remembering William’s mother for the past 24 years. Kate and her husband will visit the monument at the end of their much-anticipated tour through India.

In particular, Kate Middleton and her husband appreciate “the iconic status of the images that exist of The Princess [Diana] at the Taj,” the palace spokesperson revealed, referring to a famous 1992 photo of Diana seated on a bench as she posed in front of the monument. The photo, which features the Princess seated alone on a bench in front of the Taj Mahal, is said to be the first indication her marriage was in trouble.

Charles was supposed to have gone to India with his wife, but backed out. In response, Diana toured the country alone, remarking that the visit was “very healing.” When asked for clarification by a reporter at the time, Diana responded, “[w]ork it out for yourself.” Later that same year, the royal couple announced their plans to separate.

The photograph circulated worldwide, and the spot where Diana rested is now known as “Diana’s bench.” The spot is now a “must-see” on any tour of the Taj Mahal, and tourists flock to have their photo taken in the exact place Diana once stood. Kate and William are expected to visit the bench when they tour the famous monument.

Kate Middleton and her husband will also visit the Taj Mahal Palace hotel on April 10, where they will lay a wreath at a memorial in remembrance of the victims of the terrorist attack by Lashkar-e-Taiba. Kate and William will also meet with hotel staff who helped protect guests during the terrorist attack.

The act is meant to show “solidarity with the people of this great city,” a spokesperson for Prince William and Kate Middleton confessed. According to the spokesperson, Middleton and her husband “are following in the footsteps of other world figures, including The Prince of Wales and The US President who have both used their stays at the hotel to display solidarity.”

In 2008, terrorists took over the hotel and fought with Indian authorities for three days, causing 31 deaths before they were killed. The hotel where Middleton will stay also had extensive damage from the terrorist attacks, particularly to the roof. It remained closed for two years to repair the damage.

When he visited the location in 2010, President Obama said that “the Taj has been the symbol of the strength and the resilience of the Indian people.” Prince William and Kate Middleton plan to follow in President Obama’s footsteps and show solidarity.

Middleton and her husband are also expected to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi, when they visit the spot where Ghandi was assassinated in 1948. According to the Deccan Chronicles, Prince William and Kate Middleton are also expected to attend glitzy Bollywood reception and dinner which is being held in their honor. The reception will raise funds for three non-government charitable organizations.

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