Paula Sladewski, Kevin Klym: ‘Dateline’ NBC—Exotic Playboy Model Dead Body Found Torched In Miami Dumpster

Paula Sladewski, the Playboy model and former exotic dancer whose body was found burned in a garbage dumpster six years ago, makes the case for the next Dateline NBC. Saturday night’s mystery is a repeat episode entitled, “Death Of A Golden Girl,” which will follow the police investigation into the model’s death. You’ll hear commentary by Paula Sladewski’s boyfriend at the time, Kevin Klym and her sister Kelly Farris. Law enforcement officials will also provide details. It appears that this case has not been solved, unless Dateline NBC will be offering an update on the bizarre murder.

Paula Sladewski disappeared after she was seen leaving Club Space in Miami, Florida, in 2010. She left her Michigan home headed to Miami to celebrate the New Year’s weekend with her boyfriend, Kevin Klym. It was supposed to be a fun trip—an electrifying one, where they could light up the town. Sadly, her light dimmed after police made the grizzly discovery of her body some 14 hours later, the Dateline NBC episode will relate in detail.

Kevin Klym tried desperately to find his missing girlfriend, a gorgeous Playboy model with Barbie-like looks, who had worked as an exotic dancer in some of the toughest clubs in Detroit, Michigan. The plan was to leave the following Monday morning, but Klym spent that morning—and several other mornings thereafter— talking with police and a private investigator about her disappearance. Sladewski was last seen leaving the club early that morning, along with several other patrons. The bouncers saw her talking with a man outside the club before they both disappeared out of view.

According to Dateline, Kevin and Paula were separated after a blowup inside Club Space, prompting Kevin to demand that they leave. However, Paula insisted on staying longer. An article in the New York Daily News summarizes the events this way.

“Klym told police that on the night of Sladewski’s death they got into a fight at a Florida nightclub. He had reportedly tried to get Sladewski to leave with him because she was too drunk, but was kicked out of the bar for the altercation. He eventually left without her.”

Leaving the blonde beauty was a mistake that Kevin Klym says that he still regrets. They had their fights, but according to Klym, Paula was “his baby.” A police background check found that Kevin Klym and Paula Sladewski had a rocky and volatile relationship—one plagued by domestic violence and breakups followed by deeply passionate makeups.

After several hours, Kevin Klym finally found Paula. She was at the county morgue there in Miami, where the medical examiner had possession of her badly burned body, as well as some scorched jewelry that the missing woman had been wearing. Dental records identified the victim as 26-year-old Paula Sladewski.

Police started to look closely at Kevin Klym as a person of interest. However, he said he had absolutely nothing to do with her death and believed that the bouncers knew more than they were telling. Paula Sladewski’s mother didn’t like Kevin Klym, stating that her daughter was very fearful of him.

Paula Sladewski’s sister, Kelly Farris, does not believe that Kevin Klym had anything to do with her sister’s death, despite their rocky relationship, according to Fox News.

“I think someone wanted to rape her and then burned the evidence. Anyone who did this would be covered in scratches. My sister was a fighter.”

Attorney Marc Beginin agrees that Kevin Klym had nothing to do with it, he says in a statement to the Los Angeles Times.

“He’s fully cooperating in the investigation. He’s done everything he can do to help locate her prior to the discovery of the death…. He’s devastated and traumatized. He has no involvement whatsoever.”

In the end, in 2016, there is still no resolution to the case. Who do you think burned the body of Paula Sladewski and why? Tune in as tonight’s Dateline NBC mystery follows this dramatic case. Check your local listings for exact times. Last night, Dateline featured the story of Jane Laut.

Paula Sladewski ‘Last Seen’ Surveillance Video

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