Bryan Adams Once Hung Up On Pavarotti, Thinking The Call Was A Joke

Bryan Adams had his favorite guitar defaced by Egyptian customs officials, according to CNN. The 56-year-old rock singer accused Egyptian customs officials of marking his vintage six-string with a green graffiti.

The incident took place when Bryan Adams was on his way back from his trip to Egypt. In a Facebook post, the singer said it was his 1946 Martin D-18 vintage six-string guitar, and according to the photo, Egyptian customs officials did quite an artwork on the guitar.

As one Facebook user noted, drawing graffiti on such a priceless musical instrument is akin to defacing an historic work of art.

“This is a very rare and expensive ‘Hand made’ instrument… that’s like drawing a Moustache [sic] on the Mona Lisa.”

In his other Facebook post earlier this month, Bryan Adams shared a photo of him performing in front of the Sphinx in Egypt along with Egyptian percussionist Ahmed Bedair.

And what Egypt trip would be complete without a selfie with the Sphinx? Bryan Adams took a selfie with the ancient sculpture and shared it via his Facebook account.

However, Bryan Adams informed his fans that he is not holding a grudge for the defaced guitar and that the guitar “will be fixed no problem.” The Grammy winner also thanked his fans for the support on social media.

“The incident of defacing our instruments at airport customs is annoying, but it needed to be said.”

Bryan Adams also added that he is looking forward to his next trip to Egypt and that he will most likely bring his family there “one day soon,” adding “next time no green markers please!”

Bryan Adams started his rock singing career as a teenager from suburban Vancouver. He gave his first concert with legendary David Bowie during the Diamond Dogs tour. On 10 January this year, Bowie died from liver cancer just two days after his 69th birthday and the release of the album Blackstar.

It was Bryan Adams’ third album that made him truly famous, 1982’s Cuts Like a Knife, while his follow-up singles “Summer of ’69,” “Run to You,” “Somebody,” and “Heaven” made him internationally recognizable.

In his interview with National Post, Bryan Adams revealed that he had so many plans to take his music to places that were at the time “uncharted,” but his music career kept getting bigger and bigger through the ’90s.

“People refer to the songs as being ’80s songs, but I had more hits in the ’90s than I did in the ’80s.”

Bryan Adams has been nominated for 15 Grammy nominations but won only one. And that win came in the 90s for his legendary Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ballad titled “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You.”

Bryan Adams has also received three Oscar nominations in the Best Original Song category, but as yet hasn’t won one. The rock singer was so popular in the ’90s he even got a call from Luciano Pavarotti to do a duet performance. But Adams hung up the phone, thinking it was a joke.

“I thought it was a joke. Your home phone number rings, and suddenly there’s this guy talking to you in Italian, and you think, ‘F*** off,’ you know?”

Despite the fact that Bryan Adams has sold 65 million albums worldwide, he doesn’t feel overexposed in 2016. It may be due to the fact that Adams has been building a second career as a photographer for nearly 25 years now, and also the fact that he has lived in Europe, not Canada.

Bryan Adams also revealed that he spends only about 10 days a month on tour now, and all those 10 dates take place all over the globe. The rock singer also noticed that during his performance, especially in America, people tend to remain unmoved when he walks out on stage. Adams explains it by the fact that “they just didn’t know what to expect.”

“The music that I’ve always presented has always been fully orchestrated with a band. So suddenly to tear it all down into the smallest denomination, it wasn’t expected.”

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