Trojan ‘Pleasure Carts’ Give Away Free Adult Toys In New York City

That footlong hot dog you thought you just ordered, it’s not a hot dog. Condom producer Trojan this week began handing out adult sex toys on the streets of New York City. The company began the campaign with the help of purple “pleasure carts” which look like the standard hot dog vendor carts found throughout the Big Apple.

Trojan plans to give out 10,000 Tri-Phoria Pulse sex toys in an attempt to “erase the stigma” associated with vibrators.

Speaking to the New York Times a trojan executive explained:

“What we’re doing is taking something like a hot dog cart that is so everyday and so mainstream, and we’re showing people that vibrators are mainstream.”

Trojan broke the advertising mold when it started advertising the Tri-Phoria vibrator during prime time television spots, since that time CVS, Walmart and various other top retailers have broken from tradition and began carrying the vibrator in their stores.

To draw extra attention to the purple carts Trojan has emblazoned them with slogans such as “Getcha vibes here!”

If you want to find a pleasure cart location near you be sure to check out the Trojan Facebook page.

Trojan is calling the event the “largest-ever vibrator giveaway of its kind.”

I’m not sure if they are giving out condiments in the form of lubrication supplements, in any case it would be hilarious to sit back and watch nervous customers approach the pleasure cart in the hopes of scoring a free Tri-Phoria toy.

Here’s a look at the Trojan Pleasure Cart:

Do you think this campaign is brilliant or wildly inappropriate?

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