Drew Barrymore And Will Kopelman Are Headed For Divorce Court

Drew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman have separated and plan to divorce after three years of marriage, according to a report from Page Six. The couple has two children together. Olive is 3, and Frankie will turn 2 this month. A source confirmed to Page Six that in spite of their problems, Barrymore and Kopelman are still close as they try to act in the best interest of their children. Another source provided some insight into the breakup.

“Drew had a very rebellious and wild childhood, with no family around her, and while she is a very different person now, and a great mother, some of that can stay with you.”

This will be Barrymore’s third divorce. In an interview about the wealthy son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman just four months before their marriage, Drew talked about their relationship.

“It was never really love at first sight. Will struck a lot of my pragmatic sides. He was someone who was always reachable on the phone, someone who was a classy human being, someone who has this incredible blueprint of a family that I don’t have.”

She talked about their ability to compromise in another interview.

“We know each other very well and know what our likes and dislikes are, and what works and doesn’t work. Small things like rushing to the airport can be someone else’s nightmare and we have to change for the better to grow as a couple.”

E! Online reports that the two have lived very separate, disconnected lives for several months.

“He has not been involved in her company Flower. They seemed also to not be very close or connected as a couple. Drew never spoke bad about her husband, they just seemed very disconnected.”

While neither Barrymore nor her husband has spoken publicly about any marital problems, there has been an obvious absence from social media. The last Instagram post Drew made about the couple was last June on their second anniversary.

The couple’s marriage was very secretive. It took place in 2012 at Barrymore’s $6 million-estate in Monticeto, California, after the couple had dated for a little over a year. She wore a white custom-made Chanel dress that was designed for her by Karl Lagerfeld. Guests were treated to a cocktail party on the lawn prior to the 45-minute ceremony. The groom’s family flew their rabbi in from New York to wed Drew and Will. The bride was five months pregnant at the time.

Netflix announced some good news on the career front for 41-year-old Drew Barrymore this week. She and Timothy Olyphant will star in a new comedy series titled Santa Clarita Diet. The series will feature Drew and Timothy as a married couple who are realtors living in Los Angeles. USA Today quotes the press release about the new series as saying the couple lives,

“vaguely discontented lives … until Sheila goes through a dramatic change sending both their lives down a road of death and destruction – but in a good way.”

Drew Barrymore first gained fame as an actress at the age of six when she played the part of Gertie in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. She has shared a great deal about her childhood, including that by the age of 10, she was drinking and taking drugs. Barrymore has co-authored a book with Todd Gold that is titled Little Girl Lost. It was published when she was 16 years old and was about her life to that point. In February, Drew announced that she would be publishing another book. This one will be a collection of essays by Barrymore in which she talks about the ups and downs of her life.

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