Ariana Grande Fans Aren’t Buying Her Reasons For Unfollowing Justin Bieber

Ariana Grande is revealing why she decided to unfollow Justin Bieber on social media last week.

Grande was quizzed about the drama that surrounded her and Bieber on both Twitter and Instagram last week after the two sent fans into a meltdown after they appeared to unfollow, and then later refollow, each other on the social media site.

While fans extensively documented the social media drama online, Ariana is now claiming that she never actually clicked the unfollow button on Justin and instead claimed that the unfollow and refollow incident was nothing but a “glitch” on both social media sites.

Speaking to Britain’s KISS FM earlier this week, Ariana was directly quizzed on just what happened between the two pop superstars over the Easter weekend, to which Ariana exclaimed that she most definitely did not unfollow Justin on her official Twitter or Instagram accounts last week.

“I didn’t! I actually didn’t! I think it was like a glitch or something, because I didn’t,” Grande said, after the radio host bluntly told Grande this week, “You unfollowed Justin Bieber over the weekend.”

The host then dug a little deeper probing Grande for further details on the supposed drama after fans noted online that Ariana and Justin also appeared to unfollow each other on Instagram.

“No. I mean, maybe he blocked me or something?… There’s nothing going on,” Ariana said during her recent KISS FM interview, claiming that there’s “nothing to report” when it comes to any kind of feud between her and Justin and even admitting that the two haven’t even spoken to each other in several months.

“We haven’t spoken in months,” Ariana admitted, describing Bieber as being “a great guy and “a great artist” while telling the radio host that she and Justin “have a nice friendship.”

Ariana also revealed in an interview with Capital FM that she supposedly found out about the unfollow situation from her fans online. “They were like, ‘Mom why did you unfollow Dad?,'” Grande said, “and I was like ‘Who’s Dad?’ I don’t know what happened… nothing happened.”

But despite Ariana claiming that the most recent Bieber incident was all down to a social media technical glitch, it turns out that not all of her social media fans are buying her excuse.

A number of Grande and Bieber fans took to Twitter to speculate over Ariana’s claims that she had no control over the incident, with many claiming that Ariana may not have been telling the whole truth about the unfollow drama.

“So Ariana had no idea she unfollowed Justin. Just somehow they mutually unfollowed each other right after Ricky’s IG comment,” @ArianatorPalace tweeted out on March 30, while Twitter fan @GrandesDevotion wrote, “Ariana doesn’t know why her [account] unfollowed Justin so maybe the time she unfollowed over 60 people in Feb she might not know about as well.”

“I think we all know how Ariana ‘unfollowed’ Justin,” @CrazyBoutJDB added on the 140-character site on April 2.

Ariana was previously quizzed about the supposed unfollow and refollow drama on social media earlier this week, where Grande revealed to The Sun‘s 3AM that she and Justin are “friendly” amid rumors that the former friends haven’t actually been getting along in recent months.

“There’s no deal, man,” Ariana revealed to 3AM of her the current status of her relationship with the “What Do You Mean?” singer, admitting that she “would say hi to him” if she was to find herself at the same party as the popstar.

“We’ve always been acquaintances and friendly and that’s always been the case,” Grande clarified.

Watch Ariana discussing her recent drama with Justin Bieber this week below;

Do you believe that Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber unfollowing, and then refollowing, each other on social media was purely a technical glitch?

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