WWE Rumors: Source Now Says Bill Goldberg Is The Big Surprise Return At ‘WrestleMania 32’

Just a few days ago, there was a rumor going around that Bill Goldberg would be coming back to WWE and he would show up at WrestleMania 32. His appearance would be to help Shane McMahon in his match with The Undertaker, but there was no real proof to that. Now, even though his role isn’t exactly known, one source actually truly believes that the “big surprise return” on Sunday is indeed going to be none other than Goldberg.

When Cageside Seats revealed that a “big return” and/or “debut” could happen at WrestleMania 32, everyone started throwing out their guesses. Yes, there is the idea that Finn Balor could make his WWE main roster debut or John Cena could come back from injury; but maybe it’s more.

Sports World News picked up on this and said that Goldberg returning during the Hell in a Cell match would be just as good a time as any for him to come back. That is pretty much more of a hope than an actual possibility of him coming back.

That fantasy booking idea though, has picked up a bit of steam.

wwe rumors bill goldberg surprise return wrestlemania 32
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Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer has said that there will indeed be a big surprise and it’s planned to take place at the pay-per-view on Sunday. He went on to say that the surprise isn’t former Bullet Club members Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, but they will likely debut on Monday Night Raw this week or next.

One more interesting note is that more about this surprise will be revealed as of Saturday night which is when the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony takes place. The 2016 class will be inducted on that night, and maybe someone will be in attendance and hint at a return.

Wrestling Inc. is now reporting that one source has told them that Goldberg is indeed going to be returning to WWE and it will happen at WrestleMania 32. If this does end up being true, it’s something that has been kept very secret and WWE has somehow kept it from leaking out.

wwe rumors bill goldberg surprise return wrestlemania 32
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It’s really hard to know if this is something that is going to happen or if all the talk about Bill Goldberg returning to WWE is just, well, all talk.

Over the course of the past year alone, there have been countless rumors of Goldberg making his wrestling comeback and re-signing with WWE. At one point, he even met up with Triple H about a comeback, but nothing progressed past discussions.

Goldberg has simply said that he wants a deal which is good for him and for the company and that is respectful to all involved.

There’s no telling what he would do if he were to return on Sunday, but there are a few places he could fit in. He could interfere in the Hell in a Cell match or even make a run at Brock Lesnar during his No Holds Barred Street Fight against Dean Ambrose.

The last time Goldberg was in a WWE ring was against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX, and it was one of the most booed matches in the history of ever. Maybe, it’s time to make amends.

It may be hard to believe that Bill Goldberg will ever step foot back inside a WWE ring or any wrestling ring again for that matter. Still, he says he’s all for it and is ready to wrestle again if the time and deal are right. With WrestleMania 32 just a couple days away, some truly do believe that it will be Goldberg as the big surprise return rumor which has picked up a lot of heat over the last few days.

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