‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Sam Finally Make Love

General Hospital has had some interesting revelations and quirky encounters over the last few weeks. From Dr. Hamilton Finn being brought into the fold to the dance of deceit between Hayden and Nikolas, there is plenty to look forward to during the upcoming weeks.

While all of the new stuff is keeping General Hospital fans interested, there are some things happening this upcoming week that will reignite a huge fan base. What could be more important than a long awaited reunion in Port Charles?

As Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Billy Miller) work on getting back together, General Hospital writers have been easing it in slowly. “JaSam” fans have been incredibly vocal about wanting their couple together on social media. The General Hospital writers have been working hard on a story, and it looks like this week is when something major finally happens to the couple. According to Soap Shows, Jason and Sam will finally make love on General Hospital. This has been a long-time coming, and fans are excited to see the chemistry in the bedroom between Jason and Sam. This is something that hasn’t happened in almost four years, and it will be heavily talked about as the excitement grows. General Hospital fans are passionate about their couples, and “JaSam” fans are some of the most loyal and vocal out there.

The two will be working together to solve the mystery of the shooting at the garage on General Hospital. Hayden was shot and everyone believed the bullet was meant for Jason, though that was not entirely true. Now that Hayden has been revealed as Rachel Berlin, Sam is questioning the events that happened that night.

General Hospital fans know that Nikolas hired a shooter to kill Hayden, and it was that bullet that struck her. Shawn was blamed for the shooting after Sonny hired him to take out “Jake,” which is why he is in lock up. He will share some information with Jason and Sam when they visit, which is enough for them to want to confront Nikolas. This story line will likely take General Hospital into May sweeps.

Of course with news of General Hospital spoilers, there are speculations surfacing. Some fans are hoping more will come of the first sexual encounter between Jason and Sam, while others are just celebrating the fact that their relationship is finally progressing past the awkward dance they have been doing with each other for months. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital writers plan to have Sam turn up pregnant. While this would be incredibly exciting for “JaSam” fans, it isn’t likely. Sam has struggled with pregnancy in the past, and it was a shock that she ended up pregnant with Danny. After her loss with Lila, Sam was unsure she would ever be a mother again. Things have changed, and General Hospital writers likely won’t have her turn up pregnant right away.

Next week, General Hospital is going to be full of surprises. Jason and Sam fans are anxiously awaiting the love scenes, and others are looking forward to the other story lines surrounding the characters of Port Charles. The new General Hospital writers have done an excellent job of giving the fans what they want, even if the timeline is a little more than what they want.

“JaSam” is one of those “meant to be” General Hospital couples, and finally they will be able to move forward. When Steve Burton exited General Hospital, it was crushing. The addition of Billy Miller has been amazing, and the chemistry between him and Kelly Monaco is undeniable. While he will never be the Jason General Hospital fans grew to love over time, he is one they are beginning to love now.

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