Watch Tom Hiddleston Report Local Weather As Loki And Blame Thor For Thunderstorms [Video]

Despite playing the terrifying Marvel villain Loki in several films, Tom Hiddleston is one celebrity who’s not afraid to have a bit of fun. This week, Loki himself took part in some of the fun by stepping in to report the local weather for a Chicago Fox News station. Of course, Loki blamed his brother Thor for all the thunderstorms.

Time reported on Tom Hiddleston’s impromptu weather report, which was an unexpected part of his press tour for the upcoming film I Saw The Light. While plenty of fans would have been perfectly happy just to see Tom Hiddleston present the weather as himself, he decided to go one step further by doing the segment as his most famous character, even though he wasn’t dressed in the Loki costume.

You can see the full video of Tom Hiddleston reporting the local weather embedded at the top of the page.

Tom Hiddleston. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for BAFTA New York)

The local news station shared the video on their Facebook page, boasting that “Tom Hiddleston graced us with his presence today AND a lovely ‘Thor’-approved forecast… Loki doing our weather segment will be the best thing you’ll see on the internet all day.”

“My brother has been misbehaving,” Tom Hiddleston said during the report. “The God of Thunder has brought his skill set to bare on the local weather, shall I say. There’s this huge storm front coming in, and all that means is that Chris Hemsworth has taken his hammer and he’s smashed it on the surface of the sky, and it’s gonna rain a helluva lot.”

Fox 32 Chicago’s own Jake Hamilton appears to have been responsible for getting Tom Hiddleston in front of the green screen to do the weather. According to follow-up Facebook posts, the video of Loki’s weather report branched out to other programs, with Good Day Chicago airing the same segment. From there the video went predictably viral on the internet.

However, Jake Hamilton credited another member of the news team for coming up with the idea in the first place. While Tom Hiddleston only stopped by the new station to promote I Saw The Light, meteorologist Mike Caplan decided to put the actor on the spot for a bit of improvisation.

“A big congrats to Mike Caplan, Meteorologist at Fox 32 — his genius idea of putting Tom Hiddleston in front of the FOX 32 Weather Wall is going viral around the world! If you haven’t seen the video — WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!”

In response to this post, a Facebook user noted that Tom Hiddleston has a notoriously devoted fan following.

“Of course it’s viral. Loki/Tom has an army,” she wrote.

BuzzFeed quickly followed suit and picked up the story, calling the Tom Hiddleston weather report “perfect.”

However, Tom Hiddleston’s fans may be disappointed to learn that he recently announced that his next appearance as Loki in a Marvel film will be his last. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, the last place you’ll see Loki is in Thor: Ragnarok. Maybe after the villain retires from attempting world domination he can get a job as a weatherman.

But there will be plenty other roles for Tom Hiddleston to take on after Loki. You can see him as 1940s musician Hank Williams in I Saw The Light, in theaters now.

[Tom Hiddleston photos by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images and Marvel Studios]

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