‘Doctor Who’ Series Update: Is ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ Actor The New Doctor In Town? Bruce Campbell Shares Announcement To Fans

Actor Bruce Campbell just announced, via his social media accounts, that he will be the American version of Doctor Who. The Ash Vs. Evil Dead star posted a teaser photo of the alleged series.

The teaser photo had a message saying, “After more than 50 years adventuring through time, space, and the United Kingdom… The Doctor is finally coming to America.”

The teaser image also indicated that the show will be released as a “special simulcast event” for Christmas 2016. Though it had the logos of BBC America and SyFy, Comic Book noted that it could be a ruse.

There is a possibility that this could also be a witty trick coming from Bruce Campbell. His caption read, “I had to wait until today, but I’m super excited to announce this.”

This event is also unlikely to happen. Though the teaser photo indicated that the new Doctor Who would be coming to America, there were already scenes and episodes that featured Doctor Who in the region before.

“There’d be no reason for the special to run on two American networks simultaneously (oh, and neither network has said anything on the subject), and even the phrasing of ‘finally coming to America’ is considerably off, as many Doctors have had episodes and story arcs in the U.S.”

After a while, fans started to support this new Bruce Campbell venture. However, some reckoned that this is just a very sharp April Fools trick. The fans who got excited in the first place were disappointed when they realized that it is possibly a joke.

Others, on the other hand, praised Bruce Campbell for his efforts in creating this teaser photo. It looked quite professional and it had all the right factors in it.

Some added that if Bruce Campbell can bring his chainsaw to this show, this would be the “best Doctor Who ever.”

If this was really intended as an interesting April Fools’ joke, Bruce Campbell was still able to catch his fans attention.

Bruce Campbell: Ash Would Defeat Superman AND Batman

Meanwhile, Bruce Campbell continues to disturb the entertainment industry after claiming he, as Ash, could defeat the popular DC rivalry of Superman and Batman.

In his interview with Blastr, Bruce Campbell indicated how Ash would defeat all the known superheroes in the silver screen.

In defeating Superman, Cambell said that he could just travel back in time and just “wipe out baby Superman when he was just a twinkle in daddy’s eye.” Bruce Campbell added that he also has a plan to kill Batman.

“Ash can kill from a distance. He’s already killed many ‘winged deadites.’ Next!”

In terms of Aquaman, Bruce Campbell was quite challenged, but he still found a way to overpower this ocean superhero.

“Ash has to be careful, or he’d die of boredome fighting A-Man. Ash will hold him above water until he ‘drowns in air.'”

Interestingly, the interview took a detour when asked how Ash will be able to defeat Wonder Woman. Bruce Campbell said that Wonder Woman is capable of “defeating” him any day, “but the surrender is on his terms.”

Captain America was an easy feat for Ash since he would just need to show him an “old-fashioned hot dog, then choke him while he’s eating. All-American death,” according to Campbell.

However, it appears that Ash would have a favorite — Spider-Man. Bruce Campbell said that he “gets a pass” because he “likes the residuals!”

Lastly, he was asked if Ash would be able to defeat Bruce Campbell in real life. He responded in kind.

“Nobody defeats Bruce Campbell. Not even Ash.”

[Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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