‘Deja Vu’ Singer Jessica Lowndes Fesses Up To The Jon Lovitz Hoax [Video]

For days, the internet was buzzing with news that actress and singer Jessica Lowndes was engaged to Jon Lovitz in a surprising May-December romance, and although portions of the public were skeptical, that didn’t prevent the news from dominating headlines. Now, after the news has been revealed as a publicity stunt to promote Lowndes new single, “Deja Vu,” Jessica admits she was, in fact, trying to pull the wool over our eyes. She also reveals that Lovitz is a long-time friend and fan of her music, so he was only too happy to go along with the hoax.

Jessica Lowndes Confesses That She Really Is In Love With Jon Lovitz

Last year, Lowndes and Lovitz worked together when they both guest starred on the same episode of Hawaii Five-0. Jessica says working with Jon was great, but it was their time off camera that she really remembers with fondness, recalling Lovitz’ sense of humor and his ability to keep her laughing.

“So I first fell in love with Jon platonically last year Hawaii when we shot an episode of Hawaii Five-0. I just wanted him to keep making me laugh — he’s one of the funniest human beings on the planet, so we kept in touch,” Jessica reveals.

When she was ready to shoot her video for “Deja Vu,” Lowndes says the idea of doing an April Fools’ Day hoax seemed like the perfect idea and she could think of no one better to help her pull it off than her new-found friend, Jon Lovitz. For “Deja Vu,” Jessica says she was trying to go lighter, to show that she could deliver something more humorous and less sexual than has been seen with her previous music videos.

Lowndes says that Jon has been a big supporter of her music for as long as she’s known him and that she often shares new songs and ideas with him, because she appreciates his insight and his love for her creativity. Jessica offered Lovitz an inside look at her idea for the “Deja Vu” video with the request that he would consider appearing in it. Lowndes says the idea for the April Fools’ Day joke didn’t come until later.

90210‘s Lowndes Never Expected To Be Believed By So Many People

Jessica is as accomplished as an actress as she is as a songwriter and singer with a long list of credits to her acting portfolio, including the 90210 reboot series and the films Altitude (2010) and Autopsy (2008), yet she never expected people to believe that she and Lovitz really were engaged.

“I was shocked by the people in my life who believed me and were congratulating me. I thought people were going to know it was a joke but no one did,” Ms. Lowndes said.

Jessica adds that she now looks on the entire experience as a revealing look into the way our society reacts to things. Lowndes says it was amusing to see people begin hating her for going after Jon Lovitz for his money, but instantly changed their tunes when the hoax was revealed.

“It’s been amazing. It goes to show you: a couple days ago I had fans being like, ‘Oh my god, she’s a gold digger,’ and now those same people are like, ‘You’re amazing; we love you!’ It goes to show you how ridiculous the whole system is.”

As for those haters, Lowndes says she doesn’t even think about their cruel words. She’s moving on and enjoying a good laugh with those that appreciate her sense of humor and enjoy her creativity as much as Jon Lovitz.

Jessica Lowndes adds that she’s working on a new album and says another new single will be released in a couple of weeks.

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