Unconfirmed Update: Latest PlayStation 4k Specs Revealed For Gaming?

As the Inquisitr, among other sources, verified the PlayStation 4k was real, more information has been coming out surrounding the highly anticipated game system, along with talk about the innovative approach the game design industry would have to take to parallel the release.

The article refers to how the new PlayStation 4 could actually be 4k resolution and whether people would be ready to make a change to a new console, only a few years after the last one was released.

Polygon suggested a similar issue with the 4k resolution, back in 2013 when the PlayStation 4 was brand new.

Now there are some details published by Geek which suggests that the console will be improved enough for 4k gaming, which could suggest they’ve made more leaps forward on the technology than many suspected.

As mentioned in some of the noted sources, video and images can reach the resolution but as of yet, not a chance with gaming. But could the new specs actually confirm that it will support 4k resolution for gaming?

Value Walk published their assessment on the system, saying that the console maker SONY admitted publicly that their Virtual Reality (VR) technology is not up to Oculus Rift standards, and that their VR could be watered down. So there’s no telling when anyone could expect the technology to be ready.

Bilbaoya is just one of the many sources who are also talking about the new PlayStation 4 model’s technological prowess potential, but more specifically about the new console being released much sooner than consumers could expect, perhaps being bundled with the VR.

PlayStation 4 VR headset
IFA Tech fair in Berlin, 2015 has a man testing out the SONY PlayStation 4 VR headset, often called Morpheus. [Image by Michael Sohn | AP Photo, File]
Gamespot News is reporting that the PlayStation 4 VR would perhaps be able to support personal computers, which many devoted gamers swear by for their gaming experiences, often resulting in state-of-the-art hardware for graphics intense gaming, similar to the minimal requirements of PlayStation 4 consoles or those of other competitors.

Gamespot News is reporting, however, that Sony has delayed shipping out PlayStation 4 VR headsets until the fall as they planned to start at the beginning of the year, since Sony is currently taking pre-orders for the camera-less PlayStation 4 VR core package.

Business Insider put together a post covering the headset, but also provided a peek into the games being developed for the PlayStation 4(k) VR and thus far, it looks like they’ve started fairly simple with robot golf games.

As of this writing, PlayStation Universe is reporting that on April 19, the PlayStation 4 will be the first to get second “slice” of downloadable content of Call Of Duty: Black OPS 3 called “Eclipse.”

Certainly a Call Of Duty game for the system would have major draw, but it’s too early to tell if the designers are working their way to the system.

To go along with this news, there is also talk about what developers are doing with the Star Wars Battlefront game franchise, in anticipation for the PlayStation 4 VR, which, according to all parties involved, will single-handedly sell the console as reported in Fortune.

In the meantime, along with news that the U.K. is getting Manhunt and Bully – two of Rockstar Games’ biggest selling classics next to their Grand Theft Auto series – for PlayStation 4 consoles, the Wall Street Journal is also reporting that Sony is cutting the price of the consoles sold in the region.

Nearly a decade ago when the PlayStation 2 first came out, SONY was already anticipating its own gaming technology for the PlayStation 9 shown in this ad.

Of course in that case, the technology will be even more immersive than the VR we’re likely to see here at the end of the year.

[Featured image by Chris Pizzello | Invision | AP Photo]

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