Iggy Azalea Says She’s All She Needs, Amid Nick Young Cheating Rumors

They say there’s no “I” in team, but Iggy Azalea sure thinks so. The blonde pop tart is revealing that she’s all she needs in her glamorous life.

The Australian rapper dropped her new video for “Team” on Thursday, March 31. While Iggy Azalea has remained quiet about Nick Young’s new cheating allegation, she did admit that she’s the only person she ever needs. The 25-year-old showed a new side of herself in her music video.

“Sorry guys, the one morning i sleep in and #TEAM video drops! Hahaha Check it you on Vevo [sic],” she tweeted on Thursday.

In the video, Azalea is showing off her killer curves in a tight black leather pants with a black mesh bodysuit. She’s also seen driving her black Ferrari to the airport while a team of people dressed in white chase after her. Azalea then arrives to the airport, where she’s spotted spray painting an airplane before getting arrested.

“Baby, I got me, baby, I got me, and that’s all I need. Yeah, that’s all I need. Baby, I got me, only friend I need playing on my team is someone like me,” the pop star is heard singing in the chorus.

The new song and video sounds pretty independent for someone who plans to get married to the NBA star in 2017. But Iggy revealed that it’s more of an “anti-establishment” anthem.

“the plane is establishment! spraying it is anti establishment. people are trying to drag me in it. my other selves are trying to drag me out of it [sic],” she explained to her fans on Twitter.

Meanwhile, things haven’t been looking too good in Iggy Azalea’s personal life. Earlier this week, a video leaked of Nick Young admitting to cheating on his fiancé with a 19-year-old girl he met at a nightclub. In the clip, Young is seen speaking to fellow teammate D’Angelo Russell about his alleged hook-up. Young also admitted that the reason why he didn’t hook up with Amber Rose is because she’s friends with Azalea.

At a pre-grame news conference on March 30, he admitted that he did cheat on his fiancé.

“What happened is what happened,” the basketball player said matter-of-factly.

The “Fancy” rapper has since spoken out about the incident. When a fan mentioned that she had proof that Nick cheated on Iggy, she asked her to bring it forward.

The always outspoken rapper also spoke out about her views on the tape, writing, “hmmm I see D’Angelo Russell is trending… I actually liked his film. Thanks bro.”

Another fan asked what everyone’s been wondering lately – the state of her relationship with the L.A. Lakers star. She hinted that she’s been laying low by herself these days.

It’s still unclear if Azalea and Young have decided to cool things off or follow through with their wedding. The rapper hinted to another fan that the couple might work out their problems.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Iggy revealed that both she and Nick agreed to hold off on their wedding plans because of her upcoming tour. When the radio host asked her if Nick was fine with postponing the wedding, Iggy said he was more than happy to oblige.

“He wants to be, like, he’s like, ‘I can be a bachelor for longer’ and like, he’s really milking it, he’s really milking the whole thing. So he’s really happy. Any time he wants to like, go out with the boys, he’s like, ‘This is my last summer being a bachelor!'”

An alleged insider told the Hollywood Life that Azalea’s good friend, Demi Lovato, has been helping her get over her heartbreak. Although Azalea hasn’t spoken out about it, Lovato’s made it clear that she’s there for her friend, any time of day or night. Sounds like she has more more person on her side.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Iggy Azalea will call off her engagement to Nick Young? Sound off below in the comments section.

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