Henrik Rummel Stands Erect After Winning Bronze Medal [Video]

It had been more than two decades since the Men’s U.S. Olympic Rowing team earned a medal in the four man event, so it was understandable that rower Henrik Rummel was excited when his team earned a spot on the podium. Unfortunately, several people thought that Rummel was a little over-exited.

A photo posted on Reddit under the title “One US rower was particularly excited by his Bronze medal…” claimed that there was a fifth man standing tall on the deck in London as the Men’s Rowing team received their medals.

Reddit users quickly jumped on the photo and came up with several penis puns in an attempt to give an official name to an erection caused by athletic success. “Success Erection,” “Winning Wood,” and “Podium Penis” are just a few of the terms up for consideration. (If you’re a fan of penis puns, check out this article about a phallic-shaped snake dubbed the Man-Aconda.)

But Rummel insists that he wasn’t standing at attention during the medal ceremony.

The Olympic rower took to Reddit, writing:

“This is me and I swear it’s not erect! I don’t know why it ended up in that position but there you go.”

Another user wrote:

“Dude when you win a medal in the goddamn olympics your penis can be however you want. You earned it.”

Some questioned if Henrik Rummel was actually the one commenting on the social networking site, thankfully, the Olympic rower cleared things up with a picture.

Do you think Rummel’s manhood was just unfortunately positioned?

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