Hamburger Helper’s ‘Watch The Stove’ Mixtape Is Seriously The Hungriest Music Of 2016 So Far

Hamburger Helper has dropped a 2016 mixtape, Watch the Stove. Yes, we’re talking about the family meal company. And, it’s composed of notable and up-and-coming music producers and rappers.

Hamburger Helper’s own “Lefty” has dropped a sure “fire” surprise on the music community. Although it is April Fools’ Day, this is not a joke.

Hamburger Helper – Watch the Stove (2016)

According to Hamburger Helper’s Soundcloud account, this is the hottest mixtape in the kitchen, and the company might be right — definitely from a culinary perspective. The Hamburger Helper mixtape has already shot videos for two of the tracks, “She’s in Love with the Glove” and “Crazy.”

Lefty – She’s in Love with the Glove (Prod. by Dan D)

Hamburger Helper – Crazy feat. Theory and illWIN

Obviously, there’s a new social media campaign in play. All Hamburger Helper had to do was drop the heat, and social media memes would take it from there. And, that’s exactly the current state of affairs.

Hamburger Helper has changed up its marketing strategy, and it’s working. Right now, this mixtape is all the buzz on Twitter and is steadily climbing the “Trending” ranks. With that being said, Hamburger Helper might just see a significant increase in sales.

With a five-track mixtape, Hamburger Helper appears to reach a renewed demographic of hungry bellies among the youth and adults, alike. According to Twitter results, everybody wants to “watch the stove.”

The Hamburger Helper mixtape is comprised of multiple, notable and up-and-coming producers. One of the tracks, “Hamburger Helper,” has been composed by notable producer Retro Spectro. He also notes that some of the production credits should go to Reggie Everett as well.

Watch the Stove‘s intro song, “Feed the Streets,” is produced by Dequexatron X000 — a Twin Cities, Minnesota production duo of DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip & Bobby Raps, says Multivu. What an impressive mixtape intro Hamburger Helper’s Lefty has conjured up.

According to the source, Hamburger Helper collaborated with students at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota, to construct this fire mixtape. It was meant to give the students a chance to get their music exposed by encapsulating “Helper’s cunningly entertaining and relatable brand.”

Hamburger Helper’s marketing communications planner, Ashley Wright, states, “Above all else, Watch the Stove is a product of fan love. Our followers have been joking with us about a mixtape for a while, and we wanted to actually deliver on it.”

The source also notes that Hamburger Helper’s mixtape was made for the people, by the people. “We intentionally took a grassroots approach when developing this mixtape because Helper is for the people, by the people. If we tried too hard, it wouldn’t be us,” says Creative Lead Liana Miller.

Likewise, Multivu mentions that “Food For Your Soul”s producer Nicholas “GenReal” Trahan remembers growing up eating Helper, himself.

“I believe hip hop is all about having something meaningful to say in your lyrics. I grew up eating [Hamburger] Helper, so I was eager to create tracks that showed the authenticity of the brand and represented the talent at McNally Smith.”

The only thing missing from this mixtape is a fork and plate; it definitely served up the sauced up beef.

Hamburger Helper has been around for quite some time. As part of the Betty Crocker brand name, it continues to serve family meals for the masses. Will you eat Hamburger Helper tonight while bumping Lefty’s Watch the Stove mixtape? Don’t forget the hamburger beef with the lean in it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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