Kylie Jenner Snaps At Young Fan, “Don’t Touch Me!” [Video]

Kylie Jenner is defending herself after a video of her snapping at a young fan surfaced online.

The Mirror is reporting that Jenner is hitting back at her haters after a paparazzi video of her telling a young fan not to touch her hit the web. Kylie is claiming that the situation surrounding her while she was heading to Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles on March 31 was scary.

According to the site, the video shows Kylie shouting at the fan, “Don’t touch me, okay?” after she attempts to grab the reality TV star’s arm to take a picture with the youngest Jenner. Kylie continues to tell the hoard of fans and paparazzi, “Don’t get hurt!” and “Don’t push me!” Kylie addressed the restaurant incident on her Twitter page on April 1 after a number of fans blasted her on the social media site for appearing to ignore the excited fan while heading into the eatery.

“That kid was annoying. I don’t blame you for saying what you did,” Twitter user @kyliesgoddess tweeted Jenner following the incident. Kylie clarified that she and the young fan met up later to talk about the dramatic moment and even took some photos together. “She wasn’t annoying. She came in the restaurant after and I had a talk with her and we took photos,” Kylie tweeted in reply, elaborating on the conversation that the two had in a separate message on the 140-character site.

“She just apologized for grabbing on to me so hard…,” Kylie then tweeted out after another fan asked her to elaborate about their chat on Twitter, adding that “she was a big fan and we embraced & took pics.”

In another tweet posted on the site on April 1, Kylie then told her millions of followers that the whole incident involving a number of fans and paparazzi was “scary” for her and revealed that she couldn’t actually see where she was going while the paparazzi’s cameras were flashing.

“I just said u can’t be doing that,” Jenner wrote on Twitter today, before adding, “It’s scary when I can’t see & have no [security] already.”

Kylie Jenner’s clarification about the moment she appeared to snap at an excited young fan while out in Los Angeles comes after a slew of social media users blasted her on the site for appearing to ignore and then snap at the youngster.

“Kylie, don’t be rude to the kids…..these are the very ones who will wish one day remember who you were!!!” @nancy_nfortner7 tweeted out to the reality star on the site on April 1, while @iam_lillyah wrote, “Kylie is a rude little b***!”

“This Kylie Jenner is so f*****g rude!” Twitter user @KennyRobbieLT continued, “She just ignored her fans like someone need to tell her that without fans she’s absolutely nothing.”

@NyadzayoLynn also slammed Jenner on Twitter, tweeting, “that was so rude they are only kids and excited to see you. Kids and teenagers are your majority fans Kylie.”

But while some fans blasted Jenner for her behavior, others defended the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star on the social media site.

“Why are people mad at Kylie honestly she wasn’t like being rude and tbh kids are annoying as f***,” @Samiswideawake wrote on Twitter, while @rpicou1 added, “y’all really saying Kylie is rude for asking an annoying fan who grabbed her to please not touch her? she could’ve been way ruder.”

Watch Kylie Jenner bombarded by fans and paparazzi in the video below.

Do you think Kylie Jenner was being rude to her fans in the video?

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