Ted Nugent ‘Sees the Light,’ Endorses Hillary Clinton

Ted Nugent has had a change of tune. The ultra conservative Motor City madman shocked fans when he posted a Facebook message saying he has decided to endorse Hillary Clinton. Nugent’s message revealed that he has “seen the light” and that he officially endorses the Democratic candidate, admitting that he has been “terribly mistaken” with his conservative views over the years.

Ted Nugent posted a picture of himself with his arm around a Photoshopped Hillary, and wrote that the “only hope for mankind and America is a Hillary Clinton presidency.” Nugent then announced his endorsement for the former New York senator.

“I officially endorse this fine woman of integrity & grit for POTUS 2016! I’ve been terribly mistaken over the years but have come to my senses.”

The singer then went on to rattle off a list of things he loves about Hillary.

“She’s right, there is no reason for anyone to earn their own way, the government’s #1 job is to redistribute the earnings of the cheaters who start up all those evil corporations & earn their own way. She’s correct when she reaches out to the world by opening our US borders to the needy & downtrodden to come here and get their fair share & enrich our lives with their wonderful cultural diversity.”

Ted ended his rant by saying Clinton “will carry on the legacy of the great Barack Obama when he raises awareness that global warming is the real threat to our security & that ISL is the religion of peace.” Nugent off with: “Go Hillary! You go girl.”

Of course, if you didn’t figure it out by now, Ted Nugent’s political about-face was an April Fools’ Day prank, and not a very thinly veiled one, given its sarcastic tone.Ted Nugent has been talking about Hillary for years– but not in a good way.

More recently, Nugent has been vocal about his disdain for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and has been a cheerleader for GOP candidate Donald Trump. In fact, Ted previously slammed Obama and Clinton and said they should be “tried for treason and hung” after they failed to act accordingly after terrorist attacks in Libya.

On the flip side, Ted Nugent loves Donald Trump and previously posted a manifesto which touted his support for the real estate magnate as president. Ted described Donald as “the hellraiser America has needed for a very long time.”

Followers of Ted Nugent’s social media accounts are regularly treated to his political tirades. He recently posted a phony photo of “Trump Body Lotion,” which he said will help to “sooth and eliminate the irritating rash associated with laziness, joblessness, entitlement, waste and most effective on those who have given up looking for work.” Nugent’s instructions for the phony product: “Apply liberally to a liberal.”

But a few days ago, Nugent jumped around a bit and said he doesn’t support Donald Trump more than he supports Ted Cruz because he “admires both gentlemen.” Nugent posted a list of people and organizations that are “against” Trump, including the Pope, Black Lives Matter, and the media, and then the names of celebrities who’ve threatened to hightail it out of the country if Trump is elected (Miley Cyrus and Rosie O’Donnell, to name two). Nugent closed out his commentary with, “Sounds like the kinda president the US needs!”

No matter who lands as the GOP nominee, one thing is for sure: Ted Nugent’s Democratic endorsement was for one day only and strictly for entertainment purposes. Ted may not always be politically correct, but he definitely knows how to pull off a good joke.

Take a look at the video to see Ted Nugent talking about “the sad state of politics” in America today.


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