Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Ready For Babies And Marriage?

Ever since Calvin Harris took his girlfriend Taylor Swift on a romantic getaway, rumors have been swirling about their future together. The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary and shared some steamy photos of their Caribbean beach vacation.

Fans have been wondering if Taylor Swift, 26, will marry Calvin Harris, 31, anytime soon. Now alleged secrets are coming out about their long and satisfying relationship. The reason why Harris’ relationship with Swift has been going so well is because both musicians were good at balancing their romance with their busy schedules, an insider told People on Thursday, March 31. It also helps that both the DJ and the pop star are super supportive of each other’s successful music careers.

“When she was on tour last year, he really missed her and it wasn’t easy. Calvin often gushes about how proud he is of Taylor. He is very supportive of her career and he appreciates how supportive Taylor is of his. She’s super happy with Calvin. Everything looks to be really good between them.”

Taylor was busy traveling on her 1989 World Tour while Calvin had various gigs throughout the U.S., including his Las Vegas residency at the Omnia Nightclub. A few weeks ago, Tay Tay was spotted supporting the “How Deep Is Your Love” producer at one of his shows in Vegas. She stepped out with some of her girl squad to party the night away.

Now sources are saying that Swift and Harris are on the fast track to settling down. HealthAim published the story, “Taylor Swift Pregnant by Calvin Harris?” The article is an elaborate April Fool’s joke, but here’s what’s really been going on with the couple, according to Hollywood Life. An insider revealed the real reason why Swift and Harris haven’t been spotted together at any red carpet events since the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

“Things are going great between Taylor and Calvin. However, Taylor is at a point in her life where she wants to keep business and pleasure separate. She sees award shows like the Grammy’s and Osars more work-related events and right now she prefers not mix her personal life with her business life, and that is why she did not bring Calvin to her last couple of events.”

Apparently, the Scottish DJ thinks it’s wise for them to keep their work and personal life separate.

“Calvin and her career are separate and Taylor wants to keep it that way. Calvin says as long as she comes back to him, he doesn’t really care who she goes out with.”

Sources told Entertainment Tonight that although the couple is very serious about each other, they don’t plan to get married “tomorrow morning.” But the media outlet believes Harris is perfect for Swift, as he’s showed how crazy he is about her since the start of their relationship. Plus, both of their closest buddies seem to be super supportive of their relationship, which is a good thing.

According to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, Calvin has not only won over the “Out of the Woods” singer, but her friends and family, as well as her brother Austin Swift. Another insider told People about the pair’s adorable relationship.

“They’re super happy together. He gets along with her friends. They all like him and there’s no drama,” the source simply stated.

Meanwhile, a third insider added that Harris and Swift aren’t the type of couple who’s overly clingy. It seems like they’re already over the honeymoon phase of their relationship, but in a good way. Contrary to popular belief, Swift is not the type of woman who enters the Stage 5 Clinger phase in her relationships.

“They’re not a couple who are joined at the hip. They enjoy romantic date nights when they are off, but both Taylor and Calvin have many friends they hang out with separately. Her girlfriends seem very important to Taylor.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Taylor Swift will marry Calvin Harris? Sound off below in the comments section.

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