Katherine Heigl’s New Low: Making Kitty Litter Commercials

Katherine Heigl may have considerable acting talent, but she also knows a thing or two about directing music videos. According to Rolling Stone, the Grey’s Anatomy actress helped his husband put together his newest music video for his new album’s first single, “It’s Your Move.”

Katherine Heigl’s husband, Josh Kelley, has debuted his first new album in over five years, and the new album includes the song that was inspired by a big fight between the two. This is Heigl’s directorial debut and something completely new for the actress, who has previously starred in Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, and State of Affairs.

“It’s Your Move” is the first single on Kelley’s New Lane Road album, and it has Katherine Heigl both behind and in front of the camera of the music video. In his interview with Rolling Stone, Kelley revealed that his wife knows “I don’t like doing videos, because I’m not good at ’em.”

And that’s when Katherine Heigl told her husband about this music video idea she had had “for forever.” Then the two shared the idea with the label, and they asked Heigl to direct the music video.

“And we figured she’d star in it, too, since it’s about us.”

In the heart-wrenching video, Katherine Heigl and her husband depicted the swings of emotions that are so common for any romantic relationship. The music video also includes two professional dancers, who helped the couple convey their story about the big fight they had at the beginning of their eight-year-long marriage.

Rachel Thibodeau and Ben Glover helped Kelley co-write the song, but all the credit for the music video goes to Katherine Heigl, Kelley admits. The two first met when the actress appeared in his 2005 “Only You” music video, and then they married two years later.

“I told her, ‘Saddle up, because you’re probably going to be getting calls to direct some other videos now.'”

Kelley is set to release his new album, which includes the Katherine Heigl-directed music video, on April 22. The singer hasn’t released an album since his country music debut in 2011.

In other news, Katherine Heigl has recently presented her new look, and she is as gorgeous as ever! The actress has appeared in a number of video spots that advertise cat litter, as reported by the New Zealand Herald.

Katherine Heigl leads an ad campaign that advertises Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care cat litter. The actress is known for being somewhat of a hotspur in the television industry, but still she managed to avoid criticizing Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care after working with it.

It was a different matter with Knocked Up, when Katherine Heigl said the movie “painted women as shrews.” The actress also infamously withdrew her 2007 Emmy nomination for the role in Grey’s Anatomy, claiming she hadn’t had enough “good material” to deserve the nomination.

But in the case of the company that produces cat litter, Katherine Heigl even praised it for understanding cats!

“As soon as I read the script for the television commercials, I knew Cat’s Pride was a company I could work with. They get it. They get cats.”

Katherine Heigl portrays a feline therapist in the series of videos advertising the cat litter. As said by the actress in a video explaining her choice to become the face of the TV campaign for Cat’s Pride, these ads show “the complicated relationship” between owners and their pets, and how even the most tense relationship could be resolved with the help of ‘the best-performing litter: Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care.'”

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