‘The 100’ Shocks With Another Character Death: No One Is Safe [Spoilers]

Nobody is safe when it comes to The 100 Season 3, as another character died this week. Fans may have been expecting it considering the ongoing storyline, but it does not mean they were happy on Thursday night.

The fan base is still reeling from Lexa’s death in Episode 7, Thirteen. Many LGBT fans vowed to boycott the show, and now some other fans may do too. On Thursday, when The 100 returned after a mini break, the show said goodbye to another friendly Grounder: Lincoln. Could this be Octavia’s chance to really turn against those she grew up around?

Lincoln was not the only death in the episode, either. E! Online reminds The 100 viewers that Titus had already died because of Ice Nation. However, considering he had killed Lexa accidentally while trying to kill Clarke, very few have any sympathy for him.

This week’s episode picked up where the hiatus cliffhanger left off. Kane was due to be executed, and it looked like other prisoners would face the same fate. The 100 fans knew that Kane had to get out somehow, and it was through the help of Octavia and Lincoln. As the soon-to-be-executed prisoners escaped, Chancellor Pike demanded they return or their friends would be killed. Lincoln did the noble thing by getting Kane out and turning himself in. Octavia could just watch as Lincoln was shot in the head; and there is no coming back from that.

Fans took to Twitter to express their sadness, although not too many are that angry. They did get his name trending for two hours, and Ricky Whittle, who played the character Lincoln, showed his respect and appreciation for The 100 fan base. Whittle has left the show to take on a role in another show, American Gods. Similarly, Alycia Debnam-Carey, who played Lexa, has taken on a role in Fear the Walking Dead. Fans knew this back in January, so they knew that their favorite Grounder-turned-Sky-Crew had to come out of the show somehow.

As The 100‘s writer’s room on Twitter shared their gratitude for Whittle, fans took to say how much they loved his character and his relationship with Octavia. There are now many questions over how Octavia will react, considering her own brother had led to Lincoln being arrested and helped the growth of Pike within Arkadia.

Many fans may be happier that Lincoln’s death meant something compared to Lexa’s. There was a purpose to it, and it was a sacrifice for the bigger picture. Lexa’s was a stray bullet, and her position as a lesbian character angered a large number of the fan base. However, it will depend on how the storyline goes. There is the potential for Clarke to become the next commander if Lexa’s spirit chooses her.

Right now, Clarke is on the run, searching for Luna. She was a character mentioned by Lincoln back in Season 1, and she is now the person Titus believes will be the best choice to keep Sky Crew safe. However, Ice Nation did not take kindly to Titus’ betrayal and stabbed him as Clarke ran away.

The 100 is back now until May 19, when the Season 3 finale will take place. It is very clear that nobody is safe when it comes to main and guest characters. Everyone is at war with each other, and all Clarke wants to do is keep her people safe. Meanwhile, Jaha is focused on getting everyone to enter the City of Light, but it could be far more dangerous than he originally believed.

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