David Schwimmer’s Insights Into The Mind Of Robert Kardashian

David Schwimmer, known for his role as Ross Geller in the hit sitcom TV show Friends, has recently made his way into a more dramatic role and found himself playing Robert Kardashian in another TV series, The People v. Simpson: American Crime Story. According to Us Magazine, the role provided David Schwimmer with an insight into the mind of Robert Kardashian when he took the role.

David Schwimmer spoke on what he interpreted would be going on in the mind of Robert Kardashian during the trials.

“I think it changed him profoundly in probably every way. This is just my guess, but he never really recovered after that trial. His health deteriorated, it ruined the new romantic relationship he was in. It affected him profoundly. We’ll never really know, but I certainly made the choice as an actor and with the writers that the trial had a devastating effect on Robert and he’s actually kind of a tragic figure.”

Taking the approach that Simpson and the Kardashian family were friends for a long time, the show explores the drama of one friend being unable to believe what his friend was capable of doing. In this case, that was the alleged murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

David Schwimmer spoke on the slow burn of events in the show and the eventual reveal that all the evidence was real.

“He had doubts, he had trouble with the blood evidence and the DNA and the overwhelming evidence of blood in the Bronco and the sock and on and on. That was troubling for him; he was never able to wrap his head around the explanations that the defense team were giving. So he had doubts of O.J.’s innocence during the trial and certainly afterward. Their friendship pretty much ended.”

For research for the role, he found himself consulting the real-life Kris Jenner. David Schwimmer also found irony in the fact that Robert Kardashian wanted a private life while his kids ended up being international superstars. David Schwimmer spoke on Kardashian’s accidental fame, calling it ironic that the Kardashian children would go on to become internationally famous, while Robert Kardashian’s fame was “accidental and unintentional.” David Schwimmer said that Robert Kardashian was “inadvertently thrust into every household in America,” which was “not something he pursued or even enjoyed.”

Drama seems to be the new thing for David Schwimmer nowadays, because apart from his work in American Crime Story, he has found himself in yet another show. According to Yahoo!, David Schwimmer will star in the upcoming AMC drama Feed The Beast.

The show will star David Schwimmer alongside Jim Sturgess, and the premise will be how two best friends live a dysfunctional life in New York. And while the show sounds a bit like a sitcom at first blush, it turns into a drama since one of the friends has ties to the mob while the other is a chef. Based on a Danish series called Bankerot, the show is being helmed by Clyde Phillips.

Clyde Phillips spoke on the feel of the show.

“I describe the show as a tragic farce. The way we’ve designed our set is, every time you settle for a moment, a door opens and somebody comes in with a piece of news: the meat didn’t get here. Another door opens: the police are outside. Another door opens: the Mob is coming. Another door opens: ‘I’m pregnant.’ The show’s a constantly moving beast.”

What will David Schwimmer bring to this new series, given that the premise seems quite dark? The showrunner wanted Schwimmer in the picture because of the comic timing he’s known to bring into the table. Also, having being involved in Dexter previously, fans can safely assume that Phillips will bring some dark humor into the show.

Clyde Phillips spoke on David Schwimmer being in the show.

“As dark as the show is, we write it knowing that the actors will bring the appropriate lightness to the moments that we need. And we actually write some funny scenes, too, and they play them brilliantly. Who knows more about comic timing than David Schwimmer?”

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