Midget Bowling Attracts Country Music Star Zac Brown [Video]

Zac Brown apparently felt like doing a little bowling over the weekend, so he got together with a little person and used him as a ball to roll down the alley. Country music singer Zac Brown was not the only person intrigued by the Midget Bowling tournament held during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. The M F’N Bowling tent attracted large crowds during the Sturgis bike rally, TMZ reports.

“Short Sleeve Sam” was the self-described “midget” at the heart of all the Midget Bowling action during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. During an interview with TMZ, “Short Sleeve Sam” stated he was a “ready and willing” participant in the Midget Bowling video with Zac Brown and emphatically notes the country music singer “didn’t do anything wrong” when joining in the bowling tournament.

“I’m proud of the ‘Chicken Fried’ singer ’cause he hit a strike on his very first roll,” Short Sleeve Sam told TMZ.

The Midget Bowling star also maintains that bowling with little people is far safer than “midget tossing” because the individual is never airborne. Short Sleeve Sam informs Midget Bowling”novices that the little person simply performs a “modified slip and slide” during the bowling tournaments. Little people events which involves tossing or throwing are typically frowned upon by the little person community, Nashville Gab notes.

Even though the unusual and controversial sport of Midget Bowling may seem degrading to some, Short Sleeve Sam was proud to get greased up and roll down an alley for Zac Brown. Lady Victoria and Bad Boy Brian were also featured performers during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Midget Bowling tournament.

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